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At Hawaii Live you will experience many delectable sweet and juicy tropical fruits that are very hard to find on the mainland.

Your diet at Hawaii Live will consist of an abundance of luscious, ripe, and exotic tropical fruit, some that you probably haven't even had before! Even some ordinary fruits such as a bananas are of a different variety in Hawaii.  Called apple bananas, they have a sweet and tangy flavor making them a pleasure to eat.

Some exotic fruits you may come across in Hawaii are lychees, mangosteens, sapotes, soursops, cherimoyas, eggfruit, white pineapple, jackfruit, durian, and many more depending on what is available. Fresh papayas, water coconuts, pineapples, apple bananas, mangos, and avocados tend to always be in season.

The fruits and vegetables are grown in mineral rich volcanic soil making them more nutrient rich and satisfying than produce on the mainland. You might even encounter some vegetables you've never had before such as Hawaiian varieties of lettuce and Asian greens.

Although the main part of your diet will be rich and life sustaining tropical fruit, we will provide you with a vegetable dish at dinner.  Our dishes with be simple yet flavorful.  Amazingly good, yet easy to prepare yourself at home.  Our goal is that you learn the fundamentals of healthy raw cuisine so that you may continue a healthy lifestyle when you arrive home.

We believe in beautiful dishes that showcase the flavors of your food, instead of hiding them with an over usage of condiments such as salt and spices.  We believe that simplicity is key to the best tasting recipes and the most optimal digestion.

Our presenters have sustained themselves on a raw food diet long term by creating great tasting and simple recipes.  We look forward to passing on our knowledge to you, so that you may learn how to thrive as well.

Many people feel energized  by Hawaii's natural surroundings and humidity. You might find that you have a need to eat less and that the mineral rich food you eat is more filling than what you are used to. You might find that your body will start to rejuvenate as you give your digestive system a rest by feeding it clean, pure, and easy to digest foods. Come recharge yourself by playing, learning, and enjoying Hawaii's natural bounties.

Here are more pictures of tropical fruit that you might encounter in Hawaii.

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