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: $895 Per Person

We are looking forward to Hawaii Live 2006.  Please join our email list for information as soon as it becomes available.

Your investment includes lodging, meals, educational sessions, food preparation demonstrations, Hawaiian adventures, and ground transportation to and from the Kona (KOA) airport. (We will pick up on Feb 17 and drop off on     Feb 22 at the airport at specific times.  Please see the transportation page for further details.)

Please note: Airfare from your location to Kona, Hawaii is not included. Please visit the links page for our tips on getting a good deal on a flight to hawaii.

(Please see Accommodations Page for details)

Provide your own ground transportation: SAVE $50 per person
Provide your own lodging: SAVE $150 per person
Provide your own lodging & ground transportation: SAVE $200 per person

Cancellation Policy:
All cancellations are subject to a cancellation fee.
Please see the chart below for these fees:

If you cancel on or before Dec 31, 2004 the fee is $100.00 per person
If you cancel on or before Jan 31, 2005 the fee is $200.00 per person
If you cancel on or before Feb 13, 2005 the fee is $300.00 per person

There will be no refunds given after Feb 13, 2005

We reserve the right to cancel the registration of anyone who does not comply with our registration requirements:

  • Disclosure of credit card number
  • Disclosure of drivers license number
  • Disclosure of flight arrival and departure information

This information must be disclosed prior to Feb 1, 2005; or for those who register after Feb 1, 2005, within 48 hours of registration.

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