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Does Hawaii-Live prescribe to any one raw food philosophy?

Our presenters come from various raw food backgrounds. Some have been trained in Natural Hygiene, Ann Wigmore or a combination of both.  All of our presenters use their experience with raw foods backed up by their studies in nutrition and science.  Each presenter has used their knowledge to find the diet that works best for them, while realizing that everyone is different and at a different stage.  Our goal is for you to become the healthiest and happiest you can be instead of imposing an inflexible dogma.  With that being said, we collectively agree that fresh organic fruits and vegetables should be the cornerstone of any healthy diet, and condiments such as oils, spices, salt, and concentrated sweeteners should be used sparingly, if at all. We believe in simple, healthy, and delicious raw food!

What types of food will be served at Hawaii-Live?

Due to the tropical nature of Hawaii, tropical fruit will be what is most widely available and served.  Due to Hawaii's humidity and natural climate you will find that your body will acclimate to the new surroundings and start to crave what is most plentiful and readily available: fruit! In the morning we will serve tropical fruit in pieces or perhaps in a smoothie.  Lunch will consist of more fruit and perhaps greens and avocados.  Dinner will be a beautifully prepared vegetable dish that we will show you how to prepare at home. A sample days menu might look like this:

Sample Menu

Breakfast: Tropical Fruit,  Papaya, Banana, Smoothies
Lunch: Tropical Fruit, Avocados, Lettuce
Dinner: Cucumber Pasta with Sweet Macadamia Nut Dressing
Snacks: Green Coconuts and Tropical Fruit

We are a married couple, and would like private accommodations, do you have anything else available?

If you feel that lodging in the on-site shared cabins will not suit your needs, there are a few other options.

1. You may stay at the off-site location, Hotel Honoka'a, 10 minutes from Kalopa, or any other nearby hotel of your choice. Hotel Honoka'a, any other local hotel, and Hawaii Live have no official affiliation with each other. You will be responsible for making your reservations with the hotel, as well as providing your own ground transportation to the Hawaii Live event site at Kalopa. (For driving directions, please see our transportation page) We offer a discount of $200 per person for those who choose this option.  Please click on the hotel link above for further information.  

2. For those who wish to stay with us, but provide their own ground transportation to the Hawaii Live event site at Kalopa, we offer a $50 discount per person for people that choose this option. You will be responsible for all of your own ground transportation to and from the event.

What will I learn?

You will learn whatever you want to know about how to successfully thrive on a raw food diet.  With the small ratio of instructors to guests you are assured one on one attention to get all your questions answered. Here are some of the topics we will cover in our presentations:

Raw Recipe Formulation and Preparation
                               Food Combining 
Raw Social Skills
Longevity and Living Foods
Essential Facts about Essential Fats
Optimizing Blood Sugar Regulation
Phytonutrients - Why Whole Foods?
Raw Lifestyle
Traveling Raw
Essentials for Success
Common Pitfalls
And More! (Please check back for more detailed information)

Is sightseeing included in the price?

A sight seeing tour will be available at no extra charge. You will be taken to the popular Hilo farmer's market to feast your senses on the amazing selection of tropical fruits and vegetables.  Other stops on the tour will include a commercial macadamia nut farm and an organic permaculture farm, as well as natural landmarks such as a gushing waterfall, a black sand beach, and a stop at the majestic Volcano National Park.

Do you have a student discount or Kamaaina Rates?

The investment to attend Hawaii Live is only $895.00.

We do offer an early bird discount of $200.00 per person if you register before November 30th.

We also offer a $100.00 per person discount if you register in a group of 4. 

In addition, we have up to a $200.00 additional discount if you prefer to provide your own transportation and lodging.  Please see the accommodations page for further information on these special offers.

This means that if you combine the discounts that you can come to Hawaii Live for as low as low $395.00 per person.

Do you need volunteers?

We have had several requests about volunteering, however, we are already covered in the volunteer department.  We do have some early registration and group discounts available as described on our registration page, as well as a discount for anyone who provides their own lodging and transportation, in the event that someone lives on the Big Island or knows someone they can stay with.

What should I bring?

Although, you will be provided with bedding and linen. (Sheets, Pillow, Blanket and Towel), you may wish to bring your own pillow and a sleeping bag. 

Items to bring:

pillow and sleeping bag (if you desire)
clothes for 5 days (Including clothes for warm and cool weather)
good walking shoes
bathing suit
sun hat
rain jacket
natural mosquito repellant (We recommend neem oil)
spending money
notebook for taking notes

If you have any further questions please contact us.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Please see the bottom of the registration page for our cancellation policy.

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