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Once you are at Hawaii Live, the fun does not stop. We will have a variety of adventures in which you can take part, including hikes, sight seeing, and more!


Guided hikes and nature walks will be offered in the beautiful surroundings of Kalopa State Recreation Area. Here you will see and experience Hawaii's rainforest while discovering new species of plant life native to Hawaii.  Everyday you will have the opportunity to exercise in Hawaii's fresh air while getting back in tune with nature to recharge and revitalize your body and soul.


A sight seeing tour will be available at no extra charge. You will be taken to the popular Hilo farmer's market to feast your senses on the amazing selection of tropical fruits and vegetables.  Other stops on the tour will include a commercial macadamia nut farm and an organic permaculture farm, as well as natural landmarks such as a gushing waterfall, a black sand beach, and a stop at the majestic Volcano National Park.

Nightly Activities

Part of the Hawaii Live experience will be to socialize with other health minded individuals. Creating community is not just part of the fun, it's essential for Health! Hawaii-Live will provide fun and social activities such as movie nights, games, and mixers.

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