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Here are some pictures of various tropical fruits that you may encounter in Hawaii depending on what is available.

Star Apple or Cainito has a beautiful star design when you open it.

Guanabana or Soursop is a relative of the cherimoya family. Like the cherimoya and sugar apple the soursop is creamy and white yet is a bit more tangy with a distinctive pineapple, lime, coconut, and banana flavor.  Definitely a favorite.

Mamey Sapote is the king of the sapote Family.  Not only is it huge but it has a big seed in the middle as well.  When you open it, it looks like an orange/pink sunset and tastes like the best sweet potato pie you've ever had.

Salak Palm Nut

White Sapote is creamy and luscious like nothing you have ever tasted.  It's relatives are the chico sapote that tastes like brown sugar, the mamey sapote which tastes like sweet potato pie, and the chocolate sapote which looks like chocolate but has a mild flavor.

Mangosteen is purple on the outside but white/translucent on in the inside.  It tastes like the sweetest tangerine you've ever had!

Coconut trees grow wildly in Hawaii.  The green coconuts are fresh and not fungicide treated like the ones you find on the mainland.  The water is refreshing, not overly sweet, and the meat is like delicate jelly with a fresh coconut aroma.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! What could be more refreshing than the water of a Hawaiian young coconut.

Durian -This might be your chance to enjoy fresh durian.  It tastes incredibly different from the frozen ones you might've encountered in the super market. Fresh Durians are fresh, light, and creamy tasting with strong vanilla undertones.

Jackfruit-Another huge and delicious fruit is called the jackfruit.  It is very difficult to find a ripe one but once you do, you'll be amazed that the fruit tastes exactly like the juicy fruit gum you grew up with!

Avocados in Hawaii are not like your typical Haas variety.  They are usually twice to five times the size.  Some varieties are black and round like an eight ball with a hard exterior only to reveal a creamy luscious interior! Other varieties have a thin green skin that melts off to reveal a slight nutty flavor.

Mangos, a common fruit on the mainland, are usually hot water treated before they reach your super market.  The mangos in Hawaii are not, so they are full of vitality and juice like no other mango you have ever had before.

Starfruit-Hawaii is the home of such beautiful fruits such as the star fruit, that looks like a star once you slice it.  It has sweet, light, and tangy flavor.

*We cannot guarantee that every single fruit we mention on this page will be available when you are there, but you will certainly enjoy a wide variety of delicious and uncommon foods at Hawaii Live.

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