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Our event will take place on the:

at Kalopa Recreation Area.

Our Mission Statement:

To empower participants with the tools necessary to thrive with a raw foods lifestyle in the most healthful and sustainable manner possible, while having a fun tropical vacation celebrating nature and life. 

At Hawaii Live you will learn how to make the raw food diet and lifestyle sustainable for the long term.  We believe that health should be an empowering and ongoing celebration of life and vitality, not just a fad. 

You will understand the why, with fascinating science based presentations; combined with the how, with easy to prepare, delicious and healthful recipe demonstrations.  Your Hawaii Live experience will also include daily yoga sessions and hiking.  All of this in a beautiful and natural Hawaiian rainforest setting shared with a community of like-minded health achievers.

  • You will enjoy delicious and revitalizing raw food meals.
  • You will learn the leading edge science of raw food vegan nutrition you won't hear anywhere else.
  • Your body will celebrate daily with yoga and hiking.
  • You will embark on a professionally chartered tour to experience the amazing natural beauty of Hawaii.
  • You will learn simple yet creative raw food recipes.
  • You will enjoy a community of like-minded health achievers, & make friendships that can last a lifetime.
  • You will learn to thrive with a raw foods lifestyle in the most healthful and sustainable manner possible.


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