The Raw Gourmet: The flavors of raw cuisine bring your tastebuds to attention. Features recipes, support, information and topics vital to vegetarians and raw fooders alike. The Raw Gourmet shows how to prepare food in less time than conventional cooking with flame.

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After years of living and teaching the raw living food program, I look forward to supporting you as you make the decision to take your wellness into your own hands. Please contact me by phone (1-888-316-4611) or email ( if you are interested in any of the following:

  • Consultations by phone. A phone consultation could be all you need for information and motivation as you embark on your personal quest for vibrant health and youthful vigor. After our talk, you will receive printed information custom tailored for you. Get all your questions answered in a confidential and supportive talk with the Raw Gourmet. The fee for a consultation is kept very affordable so that all who want guidance can receive it. Please fill out the notify me! form if you would like to schedule a consultation by phone.!
  • Raw Food Events in your town. Sponsor or attend a raw food event in your town. Contact the Raw Gourmet to discuss scheduling a Raw Food Preparation Class, Book Signing, Food Demo, or a Raw Food Dinner Party. Check back at this site for a schedule of planned events, coming soon. If you have a list of organizations in your area that support raw food, vegan, vegetarian lifestyles, or other organizations such as cooking groups, ecological, gardening, farming, organic, that may be interested in sponsoring an event, please send it along to the Raw Gourmet! Thank you for your support! (Call 888-316-4611)  Please fill out the notify me! form if you would like to sponsor or attend a raw food event in your town!
  • Health Seminars. Contact the Raw Gourmet if you are interested in attending a 3-5 day all raw food seminar that not only teaches raw food preparation, but also introduces you to alternative modalities such as: iridology, herbology, homeopathy, neuro-linguistic programming, exercise, yoga, cleansing and detoxifying methods, fasting techniques, ancient healing methods, body-work, and more....all in a beautiful setting, with all your delicious raw food meals and classes provided by the finest raw food chefs in the world. Please fill out the notify me! form if you would like to attend a 3-5 day health seminar.
  • Personal Chef- From time to time, my schedule permits me to be able to offer more intense support. I can occasionally offer in person, one-on-one guidance and food preparation. This is usually a 3 week living food cleanse experience. The cleansing process forms a base for the quality eating program that follows. Or, a maintenance program can be designed and prepared for you, allowing a broad range of culinary delights. (This can take place in sunny southern California, or in your own home)
  • Video in the Making. Email, call or write the Raw Gourmet if you are interested in purchasing videos of Raw food preparation classes. State the type of food you would most like to learn how to prepare. For example: entrees, soups, pates, loaves and burgers, salad dressings, desserts, salad and vegetable dishes. 

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