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Victor P. Kulvinskas

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TOPICS: for Portland Raw Expo
Why enzymes are the buzz word? Are they the measure of life force and food quality The presentation will center on the enzyme research and the whole
foods/concentrates which are being used for energy (athletes), healing (the sick) and rejuvenating (the and yuppie generation). Wheatgrass, sprouts, probiotics,
algae etc. will be looked at. Especially, I will look at ways to rescue the human race and get in touch with inner light and joy.. The outstanding feature of raw/live
food is that they are Enzymatically active The most enzyme dense food are the live germinated and or fermented food. Why everyone can benefit from food
enzymes with meals. Therapeutic use of enzymes between meals. New models of degenerative disease based on macro-molecule management and adaptation to
stressors. Super Foods - How they can ‚€˜jump start‚€™ the lives of those we love..

The FUNdemantals of LIFEing
in the New Millenium

Will cover basic bio-chemical requirements for life: oxygen, alkalinity, enzymes, water, whole foods, full spectrum minerals, love and touch, Supplements. As well
as - green energy and sprouted foods, Fasting and rejuvenation. Power of non-judgment, forgiveness and attitude.

A look at social conditions and simple responses. You will leave fully understanding the mechanics that create addiction, arthritis, cancer, hear diseases, diabetes
and many other conditions. In context of wholistic model and science. You will be in position not only prevent degeneration but initiate rejuvenation.

OUTLINED Bio: Rev. Victor P. Kulvinskas, MS
Practitioner in the Holistic field for over 30 years; has assisted tens of thousands through his lifestyle consultation services. Prior to that, he was for 10 years
computer consultant (Harvard, MIT, Apollo, Smithsonian ... ) and Mathematics Instructor (college).
‚€Ę Hippocrates Health Institute (in the late 60‚€™s); Co-founder with Dr. Ann Wigmore
Spend 7 years in developing the HHI Live Food program - which has been adopted worldwide, affecting millions. Continue to teach at the HHI in West Pal
Beach, FL.
‚€Ę Author of the best seller rejuvenation and lifestyle book "Survival Into 21st Century"
‚€Don‚€™t Dine Without Enzymes‚€, ‚€œLover‚€™s Diet.‚€ plus 4 other books, with over million copies sold.
‚€Ę Dick Gregory's Obesity and Substance Abuse Resort - Nutritional and Educational director for 2 years both in Bahamas and Florida.
‚€Ę Lecturer - Internationally for over 20,000 hours in the field of healing, wellness and rejuvenation and enzymatic nutrition.
‚€Ę Chef: Served gourmet raw life food vegetarian feasts to well over 30 thousand,
* Bishop of the First Christian Essene Church (San Diego, CA)
‚€Ę Independent Cell Tech Distributor - Super Blue Green Algae, Probiotics, Enzymes and other nutritional products. Double Diamond Executive.
* Presently - resides in Hot Springs( AR). Working on new book to address causes and correction of degenerative disease. Lecture and participate in
conventions on enzymatic nutrition and live foods. CTI new product development. Developing 90 acres into a school/camp. with dance/yoga teacher beloved
wife Youkta
(Creator of the annual 6th International Women Festival of Healing Arts, Sim, AR), Will be opening in Spring 2001 school in survival and enzymatic nutrition.
Continues to be active in enzymatic research & development of foods, lectures and write in the wellness field. New books: Lovers Diet, Don‚€™t Dine Without
Enzymes; Cancer is a Choice; Migraine and Sour Life; Diabetes and Fatzyme; Weight Management with Enzymatic Nutrition, Increase IQ, Leukemia
Successful Treatment. A Diabetes Study to be conducted in Spring 2001 with Dr. Parham MD(Funded by Diabetes Foundation); Radio Shows and David
Steinberg Video Productions. Lecture and Workshops
* Private label formulator during the last 10 years.

Viktoras Kulvinskas MS. was born during WW 2 in Lithuania. Escaped to Germany and arrived at ten to USA. After graduate work at U-Conn., taught college
mathematics and computer systems, eventually switched to enzymatic nutritional research to rejuvenate self. Co-founded the Hippocrates Health Institute and
wrote a best seller ‚€œSurvival Into 21st Century‚€. Current books: ‚€œLover‚€™s Diet‚€, ‚€œDon‚€™t Dine Without Enzymes‚€ and the
‚€œConsumer Guide and Newsletter for Natural and Healthier Lifestyles. ‚€ (co-created with Peter Firk, on line Aug. 1997 e-mail: http://naturalusa.com/),
co-producer with wife Youkta, of the annual ‚€œArkansas Womyn‚€™s Festival of the Healing Arts‚€ and the ‚€œYouthing‚€į School and Resort‚€. A
Senior Executive Double Diamond(sponsored by Showshawme) and consumer for over ten years of the Cell Tech Super Blue Green‚€į Algae line of foods. Can
be reached by e-mail: youkta@aol.com (PO 2853, Hot Springs, AR 71914)

Recent Appearance in print: Viktoras can be found in ‚€œThe Heart of Greatness - Ordinary People Creating Extraordinary Success‚€ (1997, PO
2853, Hot Springs, AR 71914)) and ‚€œWheatgrass , Natural Finest Medicine‚€ (Book, 1998) - the complete guide to using grasses to rejuvenate your health -
by Steve Meyorowitch (800-KYE-BOOK);. Magical Blends Journal, PO 600 Chico, CA 95927)May 2000 issue, Living Nutrition (PO 256, Sebastapol, CA
95473)Vol. 9, 2000), Cell Tech New Leaf (Klamath Falls, OR); Living Food, Jamaica Culinary Showcase (www.vitalities.org); Crystalynk (2000, website:
http://www.crystalynk.com); Dance of the Soul (3/2000; www.dancdeofthesoul.com); SPIN; (Aperture.( 10 page article, on Hippocrates Health Institute, that I
am co-creating with hchu@Aperture.org; to be release in 2002). Any of the issues are available on loan, from Ihopea Inc,, PO 2853, Hot Springs, AR 71914.

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