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Audio and Video Tapes

Print out and mail check, money order, or visa information to:
International Raw and Living Foods Association
8700 SW Borders St.
Portland, Oregon 97223
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VIDEOS ($20.00 Each)

Bijan and Samia Anjomi – Effortless Relationships

David Wolfe: Eating for Beauty

David Wolfe: Mineralization, Deficiencies, & Disease
With long intro by Shaker

David Wolfe – Radical Health Transformation; Secrets of Raw food Nutrition

Dr. Douglas Graham – Nutrition and Athletic Performance

Doug Graham – Secrets of Raw Food Nutrition

Doug Graham – Smooth Transitioning

Doug Graham – What Scientists Report about Raw Foods

Dr. Doug Graham - Why Raw Fooder’s Fail

Dr. Doug Graham and Rozi Gruben - New Speakers Showcase

Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD – The Lovers Electron Diet & Way of Life

Dr. Ruza Bogdanovich, ND – There is No Such Thing as an Incurable Disease

High Priest Kwatamani - Food, Energy & Devine Inspiration (2001)

Kelly Bryson - The Language of Compassion (2002 New Release)

Raw 101 - The Basics of Why Raw Foods (2002) [Linda Meeh, Christopher Yasphal, Victoria Jayne, and Lou Corona]


Alex Ferrara - Crepes Demystified (2002)

Chad Sarno - Introduction to Recipe Development (2002)

Chad Sarno - Low Glycemic Deserts (2002)

Cherie Soria "I Want Candy"

Juliano - Food Demo (2002)

Kristin Suratt - Life is Art; Food is Life (2001)

R.C. Dini “Outrageously Raw!”(2001)


With membership you receive advance notice of Raw Foods Festivals and Events, Educational Opportunities, discounted prices on Festival Audio, Videocassettes, and CD's, discounts on Products and Services discount on admission price to Raw Foods Festivals and Events. For additional membership options see our Membership page

Basic Association Membership

2003 AUDIO CD's ($12.00 each)

Roz Gruben - Keynote Opening Address

Dr. Doug Graham - Keynote Address - (2 disc. Set $24.00)

David Wolfe

Viktoras Kulvinstas - (2 disc. Set $24.00)

Dr. Fred Bisci - (2 disc. Set $24.00)

Victoria Boutenko - (2 disc. Set $24.00)

Dr. Doug Graham



Dr. Ruza Bogdanovich 1

Dr. Ruza Bogdanovich 2

Paul Nison

Viktoras Kulvinskas

Dr. Fred Bisci - Afternoon Session

Women's Perspective Panel

Forum #1

Forum #2

2002 AUDIO TAPES ($10.00 each):

Ron Venne - A Lifetime of Raw!

2001 AUDIO TAPES: (1 tape $10.00, 2 tape sets $15.00)

Tre Arrow - Out on a Ledge 6/20/01

Art Baker - The Biology of Raw Foods 6/20/01

Bijan - Keynote: Effortless Prosperity (2 tapes) 6/18/01

Bijan - Healing 6/18/01

Bijan - Effortless Prosperity (Chapel) 6/20/01

Fred Bisci - Raw Food: Myth & Reality 6/22/01

Victoria Boutenko - 12 Steps to Raw Food (2 tapes) 6/24/01

Thomas Chavez - Body Electronics 6/18/01

Robert Cohen - Genetic Engineering 6/20/01

Gabriel Cousens - Experiencing Sacred Awakening 6/21/01

Gabriel Cousens - Keynote: Light on Living Foods 6/22/01

Rick Dina - Nutritional Abundance/Raw Vegan Foods 6/23/01

Rick Dina - Fasting: Facts and Fallacies 6/22/01

Gerry - Family Matters 6/20/01

Doug Graham - Keynote: Essential Habits (2 tapes) 6/23/01

Doug Graham - Smooth Transitioning (2 tapes) 6/24/01

Roz Gruben - Inspiration to Exercise 6/19/01

Juliano - Wild Foods (Food Demo) (2 tapes) 6/23/01

Karen Knowler - Inside Out of Intuitive Eating 6/21/01

Kofi Kwatamani - Shattering the Power Base of Deceit: The Divine Case for Raw & Living Foods 6/24/01

Loren Lockman - Fasting: Nature's Cleanse 6/23/01

Loren Lockman - Controversial Questions, 6/23/01
Looking to Nature for the Answers

Howard Lyman - Keynote: The Mad Cowboy 6/20/01

Narda Narvaez - Internal Cleansing 6/19/01

Mark Naseck - Laughter 6/21/01

Paul Nison - The Raw Life 6/18/01

Kate O'Reilly - A Return to Flower Power 6/18/01

Tom Quackenbush - Relearning to See: Improve Your Eyesight Naturally 6/22/01

Catherine Ralston/ RawMa - The Wonders of Enzymes 6/19/01

Amparo Ramirez - Shamanic Journey 6/20/01

Chris Schreiner (Oregon Tilth) - Certified Organic 6/20/01

Jesse Schwartz - Living Food & Revelation 6/20/01

Robert Sniadach - Hygenic Spiritual Awakening 6/21/01

Tim Trader - Essenes and Raw Food 6/21/01

Tim Trader - Making It Easy -Making It Work 6/19/01

Mike White - Breathing 6/18/01

Ann Wigmore Institute - Benefits of Living Foods 6/18/01

David Wolfe - How to Self Publish 6/18/01

David Wolfe - Enzymes 6/18/01

David Wolfe - Raw Food, Nutrition 6/19/01

Panel - Becoming Raw, Being Raw as a Senior 6/18/01
[Victoria Jayne, Fred Bisci, Judeen O'Malley, Leola Brooks, Viktoras Kulvinskas]

Panel - Raw Foods & Ecology 6/20/01
[Katherine Clark, Rhio, Tim Trader, Tre Arrow, Howard Lyman, Robert Miller, Doug Graham]

Panel - Raw Synergy 6/24 /01
[Roz Gruben, Gabriel Cousens, Michael McCarthy, Kim Sproul, Doug Graham, Viktoras Kulvinskas & Victoria Jayne]

Panel - Spirituality & Raw Foods 6/20/01
[Victoria Jayne, Kofi Kwatamani, Tim Trader, Denise Martin, Art Baker, Csilla Jacobsen]

Panel - Woman's Issues/Women's View of Raw 6/19/01
[Victoria Jayne, Roz Gruben, Amparo Ramirez]

2000 FESTIVAL AUDIO TAPES (10.00 Each)

Art Baker - 10 Commandments of Health

Rose Lee Calabro - Natures Guide to Radiant Health - 7 Steps

Doug Graham - What Scientists Report about Raw Foods

Paul Nison - Achieve a Total Raw Lifestyle

Jay Elliott Rosen - Ways to Increase Spiritual Receptivity

Festival Posters

2000 24 x 36 full color suitable for framing $15.00

2001 24 x 36 full color suitable for framing $15.00


Hand Held (and Powered) $20.00
Testimonial: "These are great for any raw fooder's kitchen. You can vacuum seal any Ziploc bag and any jars that have a rubber in the lid. They can be any size from small to a gallon. They are great to store your nuts, seeds crackers etc and the food stays better longer. I experimented with dried tomatoes and the ones I vacuum- sealed were still the same color and taste as when I sealed them six months later, the ones just put away in jars or bags had lost their color and a lot of their taste. And they are only $20!" -Judeen O'Malley


Notecards by artist Carrie Schenck Haberstock

CELERYbrate! (A happy celery stalk lady) $2.50

Congratulations on your baPEA! (An expectant Pea couple) $2.50

You aPEEL to me! (a banana character) $2.50

The time is ripe toMATE (Tomato couple) $2.50

BEETS me how you ripened so fast! Happy Birthday!
(Beet character waving) $2.50

Lettuce…get together soon! (Lady in an elegant lettuce gown) $2.50

How you BEAN? (single bean pod character) $2.50

Since I can’t turnip on your birthday…I’ll be ROOTing for you
from here! Happy Birthday! (male turnip character with a balloon) $2.50

It’s the PITS …I forgot your important DATE!
Happy BeDated Birthday! (male Date character) $2.50

CARROTulations! (carrot lady character) $2.50

You are a wonderful compONION! (onion lady character) $2.50

PEARci beaucoup! $2.50

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International Raw & Living Foods Association

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