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My raw experience

Introduction: My name is Amy Bass. I have been trying to eat as much raw as possible because I believe it is the best thing I could do for myself. I am pregnant and am due December 11, 2002. My husband, Jaron, just left for Army Infantry Basic training in Georgia. I am living with my mother and her husband. I have a 1 1/2 year old son named Darren who is one of the wonderful loves of my life. My email is if anyone has any questions or comments please feel free to email me anytime.

Days 1 - 28 since Jaron left....... Transition Journal September 4th- September 10th 2002 (26 Weeks Pregnant)

Wednesday September 4th 2002. Day 1 Since Jaron left. Weight: 145 lbs.

9:45 AM- Pasterized O.J., a banana and then an apple. Snacked on fruit all morning.

2:30 PM- Had a veggie delight sub sandwich from Subway.

4:45 PM- A poptart.

9:00 PM- A tomatoe sandwich and a steamed potatoe. My mother, son, and I spent the entire day driving from Utah to Washington on vacation. When we got to Ogden I bought a juicer from Walmart. I am really excited to try it out!

Thursday September 5th 2002. Day 2 Since Jaron left.

9:00 AM- Organic raspberries and an orange.

11:00 AM- Juiced 2 organic tomatoes, 2 stalks celery, 3 carrots and a little spinach. It tasted really bitter so I desperatley added some pasterized Orange Juice that my mother had in the refridgerator. After I had the juice I had an organic pear. Took a nap from 12PM- 3PM.

4:00 PM- Took 4 "Source of Life" pills, 1,000 mcg. vitamin B12, 800 mcg. Folic Acid. Then went swimming and sat in the sunshine.

5:45 PM- Organic spring mix salad with herbs, organic spinach, an orange and a banana.

7:00 PM- Tomatoe and Spinach sandwich on 9 grain bread with mayonaise. Then I had 2 homemade biscuits. Today I started brushing my teeth with hydrogen peroxide in hopes that it will bleach my teeth white again.

Friday September 6th 2002. Day 3 since Jaron left. Went to sleep last night at 8:45 PM and got up at 8:30 AM.

9:00 AM- 3 plums.

9:30 AM- Juice of 3 stalks celery, a red apple, a green apple, and an orange.

11:20 AM- 4 "Source of Life" pills, 1,000 mcg. vitamin B12, 800 mcg. Folic Acid.

3:30 PM- Spinach and an avocado.

5:30 PM- Started getting hungery so I snacked on biscuits and homemade bread.

6:30 PM- Had some cooked vegan lasangna. It didn't measure up at all to a nice raw meal!

Saturday September 7th 2002. Day 4 since Jaron left.

8:30 AM- Banana

9:00 AM- Juice of 3 stalks celery, 1 apple, a rew grapes and a small orange.

11:30 AM- Had 2 bananas, 1/2 avocado and some spinach for lunch. Then I took 4 "Source of Life" pills, 1,000 mcg. B12, and 800 mcg. Folic Acid.

3:00 PM- I was at the mall here in Washington and my mother offered to buy me pretzels from pretzel time. I give in and a little later I went and bought a cinnabon as well. Gosh, that was a bad backslide!

3:30 PM- Got home and ate a tomatoe sandwich. Tonight I am going to a BBQ so we will see how that goes... The sugary junk food I ate today is reaking havoc on my poor, beautiful body. At the BBQ I had a soy burger, some potatoe salad and 3 corn on the cobb. Tommorrow will be a much healthier day for me.

Sunday September 8th 2002. Day 5 since Jaron left.

8:45 AM- 2 peaches and 1 white nectarine.

11:00 AM- Juice of 1/3 cucumber, 3 stalks celery, 2 apples and 1 orange.

12:00 PM- Banana and Peach. After that I went and sat in the sunshine for a while.

4:30 PM- Rolls, corn on the cobb and potatoes.

5:30 PM- Chocolate cake for my step-brother's birthday party. Not too good of food choices once again. I seem to be in a rut and I hope to get out of it quickly. I am really missing my husband tonight. This is getting very hard for me to be without him. I've just got to keep my chin up and try to make the best of this.

Monday September 9th 2002. Day 6 since Jaron left.

9:30 AM- Juice of 1 red apple, 1 green apple, 1 orange, 1/2 cucumber, 3 stalks celery.

10:10 AM- Spinach and a peach.

12:30 PM- Spinach and 1/2 avocado.

1:15 PM- Took 4 "Source of Life" pills, 1,000 mcg. B12, 800 mcg. Folic Acid. Then I shared a banana with Darren.

4:00 PM- Gala apple and a little spinach.

7:30 PM- Hashbrowns, tomatoe sandwich. I went to walmart and bought a pair of size 3 pants! I couldn't resist, they were beautiful beyond belief! Now I know that I really need to stick to raw foods so I can fit into them after the baby is born!

Tuesday September 10th 2002. Day 7 since Jaron left.

9:00 AM- Some cantelope.

9:30 AM- Juice of 1 1/2 stalks celery, 1 cucumber, 1 green apple, 1 red apple, and 2 oranges.

10:00 AM- Cantelope and banana. My skin has been so dry all week and i've developed a small rash on my left breast.

12:00 PM- More cantelope.

12:45 PM- Spinach, Gala apple (which I found a worm in that I almost ate), and a banana.

2:30 PM- Went shopping and bought a sweater, a pair of jeans (size 3), and 4 T-shirts (x-small). All beautiful!

4:00 PM- 1 banana, 1 green apple, 1 orange and a little spinach that was going bad.

6:45 PM- Stir fry vegetables and white rice. Forgot to take my vitamins today. Oops!

Transition Journal September 11, 2002- September 17, 2002. (27 Weeks pregnant.)

Wednesday September 11th 2002. Day 8 since Jaron left.

8:45 AM- 1 red apple, 1 green apple and a banana. Went to the Farmer's Market and bought fruit and vegetables.

12:00 PM- Banana and took 1,000 mcg. B12 and 800 mcg. Folic Acid. I am all out of "Source of Life" pills. I think I will order Natures First Food as soon as I get some money.

12:45 PM- Peach, Gala apple and a little spinach.

3:00 PM- Tomatoe and spinach sandwich.

7:00 PM- Went to a Mexican resturant. I had a vegetarian burrito, but I ate it with cheese on it. Oh my gosh, my intestines hurt me so bad! Plus I felt heavy like I had a birck in my stomach all night. Not too good of a thing to eat if I want to fit into the size 3 clothes i've been buying.

Thursday September 12th 2002. Day 9 since Jaron left.

Snacked on a peach, banana and blueberries all morning.

3:00 PM- Subway veggie delight sandwich.

6:00 PM- Snacked on some poptart and ate sun chips. I didn't eat much healthy foods today because we were driving in the car the whole time from Washington back home to Utah.

Friday September 13th 2002. Day 10 since Jaron left. 100% RAW!!! Weight: 144 lbs.

Not trying to lose weight due to my pregnancy, but did end up 1 lb. less than last week.

Finally back home where I belong! Woke up this morning and started to clean the kitchen and throw away junk food from the refridgerator.

9:30 AM- 2 peaches and a banana.

11:45 AM- 2 "Source of Life" pills, 1,000 mcg. vitamin B12, 800 mcg. Folic Acid. I am really bored and to give myself something to do, I used to eat, but I am not hungery.

12:45 PM- Spinach and grape tomatoes. Yummy! While I was eating I noticed that there was a mouse on the kitchen counter. I don't know what to do about it so I will just leave it there. I have so much energy it is amazing. It feels so good to eat raw food!

2:15 PM- I am really starting to feel detox symptoms. I have a headache and a little bit of nausea. I am not hungery but feel weak. I know that this is my body becoming clean and pure so it is worth the discomfort I am feeling.

3:30 PM- Had 3 bananas and 1/2 avocado. Got a phone call from Jaron, he told me that he was fine and that he would write me a letter on sunday. Hearing from him made me so happy and excited!

7:45 PM- Had a gala and a mc'intosh apple plus a banana for dinner. With a small amount of spinach, but I just wasn't craving it so I didn't enjoy the spinach tonight. I noticed that I have a canker sore on the tip of my tounge.

Saturday September 14th 2002. Day 11 since Jaron left. I am so proud of myself! I did so wonderful yesterday!

10:00 AM- Juice of 1 big bunch of broccoli, 1/2 cucumber, 2 local mc'intosh apples, and 1 austrailian naval orange. Then I had a banana.

2:45 PM- Ate a veggie delight sub sandwich with extra mayo from Subway while I was at the mall. I bought some more really cute clothes! I am so excited to be able to wear all of this! I wish that I would not have eaten the sandwich. I was doing so well on all raw foods. I didn't really enjoy it at all.

5:15 PM- Had a piece of pita bread with light mayo, a whole organic tomatoe and some spinach. Then I had 2 poptarts.

6:00 PM- Went to a church party, had a little bit of salad with ranch, 2 rolls and a piece of cake. I am really sad that I didn't eat all raw today. I enjoyed my detox yesterday so much and I didn't stick with it like I had planned. Tommorrow I hope to have a better day, but my brother in law is coming over and I know he will want to get something to eat. Monday will be much easier for me to go 100%. When I get my internet working again I am going to order Natures First Food, MSM (sulfer) crystals, MSM (sulfer) cream to rub on my face and my stretch marks, and MSM (sulfer) shampoo to use in my hair.

10:00 PM- Deciding that it is time to go to sleep..... Goodnight.

Sunday September 15th 2002. Day 12 since Jaron left. Weight: 144 lbs.

10:00 AM- Juice of 1 big bunch broccoli, 1/2 cucumber, 2 local mc-intosh apples, and 1 austrailian naval orange. The same as yesterday morning. Then I had a banana. Feeling really sluggish this morning. Wonder if it is detox?

12:00 PM- 2 "Source of Life" pills, 1,000 mcg. vitmain B12 and 800 mcg. of Folic Acid. After taking my pills I ate some spinach, 6 grape tomatoes and a peach. I wasn't hungery at all when I ate them but I wanted to get some food in me before I left for church.

3:00 PM- Peach, Apple and Banana.

4:30 PM- Had spagetti and bread with butter with my brother in law and his girlfriend.

6:00 PM- My mom bought me a slice of pizza with no toppings or cheese and a pretzel from Sam's Club. I also had some of her sprite. Not too good tonight. I put an order in on Natures First Law for Natures First Food, MSM Shampoo and cream and also some MSM crystals to put into water. I started looking in to Sea Silver. I heard a lot of good things about it. Maybe I will try that next month. I have a really bad headache tonight from the junk I put into my body.

Monday September 16th 2002. Day 13 since Jaron left. 100% RAW day 1!!

9:00 AM- Did 45 minutes of 1/4 pose Yoga from my mother's new DVD called "Yoga conditioning for Weight Loss".

10:00 AM- Juice of 1 bunch broccoli, 1/2 cucumber, 2 mc-intosh apples, and 1 austrailian naval orange.

11:00 AM- local peach and then 1,000 mcg. vitamin B12, 800 mcg. Folic Acid and 2 "Source of Life" pills.

12:00 PM- 2 Bananas.

1:00 PM- Some dried apricots and a gala apple. Then I ate some spinach because it was starting to go bad. I am starting to feel really down and depressed about Jaron not being here with me. I feel so alone right now. I must think about the positive and think about how good it will be for him to see me 100% raw and beautiful!

5:00 PM- Earlier I had a banana and an apple. Right now I am snacking on a peach and another apple. I don't know why I am in such a state of melancholy. Could it be detox? I have no appetite and was basically eating out of comfort and boredom. Watched a movie called "taking care of business" it is a movie from the early 90's. Then I surfed the internet for a while and talked to Jose, he is a guy that Jaron is going to be working with at Ft. Irwin. I've been feeling really tired and nauseaous. It is almost midnight so I had better get to sleep.

Tuesday September 17th 2002. Day 14 since Jaron left. 100% RAW day 2!!

10:15 AM- 1/4 cantelope. then showered and used cantelope as a body wash and when I got out I used olive oil in my hair and on my face, neck and arms. Was tempted to weight myself, but decided it would be best to wait for tommorrow.

1:15 PM- Salad of organic baby romaine and baby spinach with a homegrown tomatoe and 1/2 avocado. Then I took 2 "Source of Life" pills, 800 mcg. Folic Acid and 1,000 mcg. vitamin B12.

3:30 PM- 2 oranges and a peach.

6:30 PM- a peach. I am really feeling detox symptoms. I ate the last bit of fruit tonight so I need to get some more in the morning. I am feeling very nauseated and very toxic. I know my body is on detox overload. I am tired and am feeling a bit of cramping.

9:15 PM- Had an avocado and feel much better! Gosh, this is so stressful! Finally went to sleep at 11:00 PM.

Transition journal September 18th- September 24th 2002. (28 Weeks Pregnant)

Wednesday September 18th 2002. Day 15 since Jaron left. 100% RAW day 3! Weight:140 (5 lbs. less than day 1 since Jaron)

Woke up this morning at 2 AM freezing! It is so cold here! So I went and got another blanket to sleep with. My son woke me up at 8:30 AM and I was extremley groggy and tired. I wish I didn't have to get up... I really wanted to do an exercise video but we lost the romote to the TV and cannot turn the channel to 3 so I cannot watch anything on the VCR or the DVD. I haven't been trying to lose weight and that is why I am so shocked that I have lost so much weight! Should get my Natures First Law order in the mail today, I am so excited to try everything out!

12:00 PM- Smoothie of 12 fresh strawberries, 1 orange and 2 bananas with 1 tbsp. of Natures's First Food (NFF). It tastes wonderful! A couple hours later I had a carrot.

4:15 PM- Grapefruit and then had a sald of organic baby romaine, orgainc baby spinach, a small homegrown tomatoe and an avocado. Then I had 2 banannas as dessert.

6:30 PM- 1/2 tsp. MSM (sulfer) crystals in a bunch of water. I am feeling so good and healthy! 8:30 PM- 1,000 mcg. Vitamin B12, 800 mcg. Folic Acid. Washed my face with cucumber then I put some MSM (sulfer) cream on my stretch marks. I am hoping to be rid of my stretch marks completley by bikini season this summer.

Thursday September 19th 2002. Day 16 since Jaron left. BAD DAY!

9:30 AM- Smoothie of 2 bananas, 8 strawberries, 1 orange, 1 big spoonful of almond butter, 4 dried prunes and 1 tbsp. NFF.

10:00 AM- Banana and drank some water because I was feeling dehydrated with a headache. In the past i've never been able to make it past day 4 of eating all raw, I plan on breaking that barrier today!

12:15 PM- Juice of 1 cucumber, 1 orange and 3 mc-intosh apples.

2:00 PM- Ate spinach.

3:15 PM- Totally messed everything up. I had 1 1/2 bocca soy burgers and 2 cookies then later I snacked on more cooked junk food. Gosh, why do I do this? I had been seeing AMAZING results and I stopped them. I don't feel good about myself at all. I couldn't get past my 4 day barrier! My intenstines hurt and I feel yucky physically, spiritually and emotionally. Amy, next time you want to eat cooked foods, please look back on here and remember, IT IS NOT WORTH IT! Went to the store and bought a new pair of shoes, a new purse, a size 4 long jean skirt and a cute tan colored shirt, now I need to keep eating raw so I can wear them! I am scared to weigh myself tommorrow but I need to remind myself what cooked meals will do to me.

Friday September 20th 2002. Day 17 since Jaron left. 100% RAW day 1 again! Weight:144 lbs.

Woke up at 5:30 AM with swollen glands that feel like rocks, stomachache, headache, sore throat, hurting lungs, horrible taste in my mouth, my teeth even hurt! I feel bloated and my face looks puffy. I've lost radiance in my skin and my emotional wellbeing is not very good. I am in so much pain that I cannot sleep. This is the worst cooked food hangover i've ever had. This is definetly a sign to me that cooked foods were NOT meant to enter the body, they truly are POISION!

6:00 AM- Drank water in hopes to flush out these toxins from yesterday. Went back to sleep at 6:30 AM and then my son woke me up at 8:00 AM. I was so tried, I had a hard time getting up.

8:45 AM- 1/2 tsp. MSM crystals in water

9:00 AM- "Ice Cream" of frozen banana, frozen strawberry, an orange and 1 tbsp. NFF.

9:30 AM- Got in the bathtub and washed my hair with MSM herbal shampoo, when I got out I slathered olive oil all over my body and put a little in my hair as a mosturizer. My skin feels so silky!

1:00 PM- Salad of baby romaine, baby spinach and a pink grapefruit. Went to the grocery store and they were giving out tons of free samples of different types of food, they had free hot dogs, ice cream, popcorn, snowcones etc... My mother and son tried them all, but I held firm to my raw food. I didn't give in and I am very proud of myself right now. If I can withstand all that then I can withstand anything!

2:30 PM- I had an apple, but it didn't taste very good. I have so much energy, I've been dancing in the kitchen to the radio.

4:30 PM- Smoothie of frozen bananas, frozen strawberries, 4 dried prunes, an orange and a big heaping spoonful of almond butter. I didn't enjoy the prunes and almond butter in the smoothie. I don't think I will add those next time.

6:45 PM- Peach and spinach. Really craving some cooked foods, but I am determined not to give up today. I helped my mom move a bunch of furniture up the stairs.

10:00 PM- Started doing a basic TaeBo video but half way through I started getting extreme cramps in my uterus and it felt like I would lose the baby so I stopped the workout immediatley. I overdid it with the furniture and the video. My body is not ready for that sort of exercise yet. I had better save that for when I don't mind going in labor.

Saturday September 21st 2002. Day 18 since Jaron left.

8:45 AM- "Ice Cream" of 3 bananas, 6 strawberries, 1 orange and 1 tbsp. NFF.

11:30 AM- My mom had me and my son stranded at Fred Meyer for 2 hours and we got hungery so we went to Carl's Jr. I had some fried zuchinni, a garden salad with ranch dressing and a small order of french fries. I was caught totally off guard. I feel bad for eating cooked, I didn't overeat so at least that is a good thing. Then I had chocolate cookies galore. I have been snacking on junk food all day.

6:45 PM- Went to Dee's resturant and I had a veggie burger with avocado and fries. That was my last night of doing that.

Sunday September 22nd 2002. Day 19 since Jaron left. 100% RAW day!

9:00 AM- Fruit smoothie of melons, peaches, strawberries, banana and pasterized orange juice. My mother made it for me and I didnt know what was in it until it was all gone. Now I have a sugar headache.

10:30 AM- Juice of broccoli, celery, cucumber and grapefruit. The earring hole in my left ear has become inflammed and sore and I haven't worn earrings for 3 years! I am not going to weigh myself until wednesday because I need to get my body back on track first and I don't want to see that i've ballooned up to some huge weight right now.

2:30 PM- Smoothie of 3 bananas, strawberries, 1 orange, 1 tbsp. NFF and almond butter.

3:15 PM- Exercised for an hour to the Richard Simmons video "Dance Your Pants Off". It was quite fun.

4:30 PM- 1 tsp. of MSM (sulfer) crystals in water.

7:30 PM- Salad of romaine lettuce, spinach and 1/2 avocado.

7:45 PM- Smoothie of 1 peach, 2 bananas, strawberries and 1 tbsp. NFF. Now I feel very full and satisfied.

10:00 PM- Rubbed MSM cream on my stretch marks.

Monday September 23rd 2002. Day 20 since Jaron left.

10:00 AM- Smoothie of bananas, strawberries, a peach, almond butter and 1 tbsp. NFF. Then went down to Hill AFB and got my military ID.

1:30 PM- 1 tsp. MSM crystals in water and then did an hour of aerobics to the Richard Simmons video "Dance your pants off".

2:45 PM- Juice of broccoli, cucumber, celery, carrot and apple. Then I took 1,000 mcg. of Vitamin B12 and 800 mcg. of Folic Acid.

3:30 PM- 2 bananas and a peach. Went to the Layton Hills Mall and got some new shirts.

8:00 PM- Cooked meal of spagetti, soy meatballs, salad and garlic bread. I probably ate 1/2 loaf of garlic bread. Gosh I had so much.

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