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Personal HomePage for Giovanna Romano

True Love is Raw!

I became a raw foodist in January 2003. I eliminated all cooked food except bread. I then eliminated that and continued to eat wraps instead. That year my cycle became extremely irregular and I suffered a lot.. Someone told me it was because my body was cleansing out and just to let my body do its work. I ate fruits .. nuts, vegetables and lots of spinach( a bag a day)..By the end of the year I was gasping for my breath.. I felt weak and didn't have the strength to go up the stairs.. We had refused to see doctors so I remained ignorant to my health problem. In August, 2003 I fainted after taking a bath.. and came about at the taste of brown family revived me. I still didnt'go to the doctor.. I thought it was because I entered the bath with an extremely cold body temperature and that the drastic change of temperature made my blood pressure lower.go into shock and pass out.. I still didn't go to the doctor.. I got weaker and weaker.. to the point that I started to feel at times my chest crush.. like symptoms of a heart attack.. I thought the problem was related to the candida that I have been dealing with for many years. I read somewhere that candida fungus is the cause of heart attacks in some occasions. In 2004 I moved to a new County.. and I had do some training to drive a school bus.. I was sent to get a medical.. I found out then that my iron was extremely low.. in the danger margin.. and that I had to do something about it as soon as possible.. I was very very anemic,, my doctor said. I was also told that I was not storing iron. When I had become a raw foodist.. I was eating commercial food.. because I was not in the financial position to buy organic food and I am still not.. I lost so much iron due to my irregular cycle, caused by candida.. I was not able to replenish that iron on commercial food.. because most of it is water!.. I now I have found excellent vitamins with 100% absorption, and my iron level has been increasing. I feel better and I am glad I am still alive. Raw Food is the way but it is a serious step to take responsibly. It takes time to learn about what foods you need to intake for various purposes. You must give yourself time to learn the essential. If you cannot afford organic foods.. make sure you are taking good vitamins to replenish what is missing.. Don't lose your life over stupidity and illusive righteousness.. I almost did..Take charge. Remember we are not like men.. Every month we have a cycle that discards of many minerals from our body.. we do not retain like men do.. be careful and take care of yourselves. I love raw food but I am not in a position to eat very nutritional foods or buy many nuts all the time.. etc.. I buy what I can.. It is less costly to take vitamins than to buy a variety of costly organic foods.. I know that what I did for me was the right thing to do..The vitamins I take are bonded with a fructose molecule.. when the body senses the fructose it sucks in the whole vitamin at the same time... 100% absorption.. 100% daily value required. if anyone is looking for great vitamins ask me.. I will tell you how to obtain them... Thanks for listening.. Remember we have a responsibility to live and survive. Listen to your body.. don't think that you can solve all your health problems.. if the problem persists go to a physician or nutritionist.. keep an open mind.. Email me to find out about the vitamins.. Stay in touch. Giovanna

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