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My Experiences Of Truth.

Mahatma Gandhi had written, “My Experiments With Truth”. I am not Mahatma (Great Soul) and can never dare to make experiments with Truth. But I do have my own experiences of the truth and have many times felt God walking on my path, smiling at me. Further, I cannot claim I have found THE TRUTH.I can only claim I have found A TRUTH. And I feel myself under an aesthetic obligation to share it with you. Upgradation of human health - physical, mental & spiritual - is the noblest cause on this planet -- specially in the materialistic world of today which is full of physical, mental & spiritual disorders. There are three types of human existences - physical, electromagnetic & causal(material aura, wave aura & absolute aura - body, mind & soul).When aura of this TRIO is in resonance with the cosmic aura, i.e., when its order is in unison with the cosmic order, it is at EASE; when not, it is at DIS-EASE. Since, my childhood, I had two health problems – skin trouble (diseases) and pus formation tendency in the body. Even if there was a slight cut, pus used to form therein. Antibiotics were administered to me and it used to subside – resulting in eruptions on the skin after sometime in the form of eczema/ringworm. According to the homeopathic philosophy, my body was Psoric, that is, principally dominated by psora which is fire element in Ayurveda, Pitta in Naturopathy, Safra in Unani, anger in Reiki …… and so on. In 1976, measles appeared on my face. It is a rural belief that the body purifies itself through this appearance which subsides automatically, without taking any medicines. I did not know it. Allopathy, therefore, subsided it. In 1979, acute weeping eczema erupted in the region from my waist to my knees (including, of course, my thighs). I was totally confined to the bed for 2 months and was not able to sleep for several nights. Again the allopathic treatment – and once again the disease was “cured”. It again erupted in 1982 – just after 3 years of the “cure” – once again it was suppressed through administering allopathic medicines. And the life went on. In 1991, I suffered from Piles – again allopathy “cured” it. Then in February, 1995 – from liver abscess and was hospitalised for 12 days. I was a smoker and consumer of alchohol and doctors told me that my liver abscess was a direct consequence of these habits. I immediately stopped both. I was an occasional non-vegetarian. Not only I became pure vegetarian but also simplified my way of life; just a precaution. My treatment went on for 4 months and allopathy once again “cured” me. And in July, 1995 (JUST AFTER ABOUT ONE MONTH OF MY “CURE”), a perianal abscess appeared on my right buttock. THAT APPEARANCE GAVE ME A SHOCK because I had totally stopped smoking, had become a teetotaller and pure vegetarian and was completely “cured” by the “most advanced modern medical science.” Why, then, it happened? Still out of ignorance and confusion, I took shelter in allopathy. The abscess burst, forming a fistula with colourless watery discharge. While the treatment was still going on, second perianal abscess appeared just after two months (in October, 1995) – with another opening and this time pus oozed out. I was still a non-smoker, teetotaller and “cured”! It was SECOND SHOCK to me. Why again? Again ignorance, confusion. However, by this time I was convinced that this “most advanced modern medical science” is totally incapable of curing any disorder. My disorder was never cured but always subsided and suppressed by allopathy which is based on “Contraria Contrasis” - contrary treatment cures contrary symptoms. I was further convinced that allopathy can only make an endeavour to remove the effects of any disorder but not even its immediate cause. However, under extreme pressure of the pressure group (family members and friends), I was operated upon for perianal abscess by the most competent and efficient surgeon of a very reputed medical college who was an expert in anal region problems. My treatment, this time, lasted for about 4 months. I have been a sportsman and normally waking up before or around sunrise. Immediately after the operation, for the first time in my life at the age of only 44 years, purgative was prescribed by the doctors with instructions to take it every night THROUGHOUT MY LIFE! The greatest irony was that after 4 months of the operation (pus @ 10-12 drops a day was still oozing out) my treatment was stopped and I was declared cured. On being asked as to till when this discharge would continue, I was taken a back with a rueful reply by the doctors that, “May be throughout the life; and you will have to take tub-bath twice a day and purgative every night forever.” They had exhausted all their atrocious experiments on my poor body and had helplessly surrendered. On being thrown out of the corridors of allopathy (THANK GOD), I switched over to homeopathy which caused sudden aggravation. My both the buttocks were filled with pus and had become solid like stone. I used to roll into the bed with pain and beg the God for death. Quantity of oozing of pus was 2-3 tea cups per day. From where had all that pus suddenly come in a “cured” body? BUT THIS TIME I WAS NOT SHOCKED. NOT EVEN SURPRISED. I knew what was happening. Do you know the outermost layer of your skin is made up of dead cells? Do you know that there is no blood supply in that outermost layer? Do you know the human body sheds everyday millions of dead cells off the outermost layer of the skin? It is the tendency of every living organism to bring all its waste products (including toxins and poisons) to its surface and then throw it out in various forms through various modes – stool, urine, cough, sweat and even breath. Skin eruptions, boils etc. are also part of such attempts. Even fatty inactive and non-essential cells are also thrown by the body to the outer surface to save any exertion of its pressure on the internal organs. These are signals (alarm) that the body has become overtoxicated and overpoisoned. Suppression of these wastes through any pathy or therapy is most harmful as the body brings it to the surface to save the internal organs/mechanism/environment which will be damaged in case of such suppression. I knew that aggravation was the first visible stage of the body purification process. FOR THE FIRST TIME, I WAS GETTING CURED. After 5 months of total confinement to the bed, I resumed my official duties. And that 5 months period was GOLDEN PERIOD of my life. I have been a regular reader. During that period, I read, in detail, about all the therapies - Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Unani, Homeopathy, Reiki, Magnet therapy, Massage therapy, Word therapy, Colour therapy, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Pranic healing, Aroma therapy, Mantra Therapy, Music therapy, Meditation, Yoga, Breath Control, Nutrition therapy, Water therapy, Spiritual healing, Organic healing, Yantra and Tantra therapy, Creative dreaming, Herbal therapy, Nature healing, Zen, Aura therapy, Thought therapy, Craniosacral therapy, Prayer therapy, Shaman healing and Juices therapy . All these therapies carry holistic approach and deal with the living organism as a SYSTEM; whereas, allopathy compares the body with a MACHINE. All the alternative therapies remove the initial cause of any disorder; whereas allopathy treats only its effects.My concept and vision about any ailment and mode of its treatment were now clear. Later on, I was transferred to another district. As my homeopathic doctor never tells his patients names of the administered medicines, I could not continue the treatment which firstly became irregular and ultimately discontinued. I was still suffering from the disorder. Meanwhile, I read a book on RAW EATING written by one ARSHAVIR TER HOVANNESSIAN of Iran and, highly motivated and inspired by the thoughts, reasoning and arguments, started partial raw eating (about 90%) on 31st of January, 2000. Sometimes I did not take cooked or processed food, salt, sugar, milk even for 30-40 days at a stretch. Tea was the only exception. The result was amazing. It brought miraculous positive changes (though gradual but steady) in my physical, mental and spiritual health in a holistic manner. The process of HOLISTIC PURIFICATION had started THIS TIME. My this experience of THE TRUTH was totally hypnotic and mesmerizing. In the beginning I always use to feel hungry. Gradually, this feeling diminished,and later on curbed. I also suffered from dizziness and abdominal ache for about first 15 days – but not thereafter. Then skin eruptions appeared in the region of waist and thighs. Sometimes pains in joints also. I knew that old tenants (deposits of deep- rooted toxins, poisons and other waste products) were showing reluctance in leaving the body–house, which they had occupied since long. Subsequently, it all ended. The process of holistic healing continued. My irregular breath and pulse became regular. Now I climb stairs upto 3rd-4th storey without any interval and breathlessness. I got rid of occasional seasons of high blood pressure and even of mental irritation. TOP OF ALL, I got rid off that obnoxious purgative (WITHIN A MONTH) which the “learned” allopathians had prescribed me for throughout the life and I had been regularly using for 2 and half years. My stool used to come out under pressure as (allopathians had told me) the voluntary action capacity of the anal region had become disturbed after the operation and it could not be restored. Three months after start of raw eating, this anomaly was CURED and natural voluntary action capacity of the anal region was RESTORED. My sleep became fully sound and sleeping hours reduced to about 5 hours a day. I also experienced the Truth that a handful of sprouts (living cells) contain more nutrients than 5 Kg. of cooked food (dead cells) and was sufficient for the whole day. My body stamina and energy increased. I could do now physical and mental work for 16 hours a day without feeling any exhaustion or fatigue or loss of energy. Sometimes I worked at a stretch for 22 hours – without any problem. I shed extra fatty cells also and became more human. Previously I used to feel extreme hot and extreme cold in the respective seasons. Now I do not feel the heat in extreme summers, nor the cold in extreme winters. During the last three years, I never wore any sweater even in 4-5 degree spells of winters. Now I take bath with cold water throughout the year. I have not taken any allopathic medicine since I had escaped allopathic pillory. Internally, I feel very strong and at the age of 50 years, I feel like a youth of 25 years, in EVERY activity of my life. My sharing with you will remain incomplete, if I do not tell you about my latest experience on this topic. On 11th of July, 2003, I met with a road accident – head on collision of my bus with truck, followed by its immediate re-collision with a big tree. Out of the 19 occupants, two died and twelve were injured. I received multiple internal and external injuries. Of course, my bones were intact – only bleeding wounds, swelling and severe pain. I had read somewhere that HEALING IS FROM WITHIN and every living organism has inner capability to heal itself. I experienced it. I DID NOT TAKE ANY MEDICINE/DRUG/ANTIBIOTIC OF ANY PATHY and within 12 days I left the bed - fully recovered! After analysation, I gave 100% credit of my recovery to my 90% raw eating. It gave me another booster on my convictions and more confidence over myself - over the path chosen by me. I recollected the my experiences of eating 10% cooked food during last 3 and a half years – stomach upset, uneasiness, itching, mild constipation, turbid urine, high pulse-rate & heart beat and breathlessness. And after every cooked meal, it used to take 2-3 days to restore normalcy. I thought if I adopt 100% raw eating, I will not only get rid of all these temporary disorders but will also be able to enjoy much better life for all my days to come. May be, I will be able to have more experiences of THE TRUTH – to share it with the present world and also with the coming generations.On 02/09/2003,I became a 100%RAW EATER.

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