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Quest for enlightenment

February 1st, 2003

Hi! Iīm Gisele. I enjoy reading good stuff, specially related to spirituality/health/simple life, dancing till I drop, walking barefoot on wet grass, listening to melodious classical music, savoring fresh juicy fruit, yoga, walking/mild jogging, taking fragrant warm baths, taking crisp cold showers, listening to my husband and other intelligent folks, spending time with my family and friends.

And here I am again, still wavering in my would-be resolutions, yearning to get back to the raw/vegan path, feeling a bit lonely; oh how I wish there were more like-minded people aroung me! Itīs not easy to swim against the tide! Thatīs by far the hardest part of all - to not have the support of those around me; to feel disconnected. Will I ever learn how to handle this? To honor who I am, to acknowledge and take action on my deepest longings, without severing human bonds. People can be so critical of our choices, but I know I am entitled to live my own life. Indeed I must. I was born to do it. And yet I donīt like the idea of distancing myself from those around me. Theyīre part of my life! But to be with them, I have to be without my self! And thus my journey continues...

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