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the shipwreck of the singular

Hi, my name is Lura, and I have been very slowly but surely converting to a raw food diet over the past few years. I live in San Francisco and work at a vegetarian grocery cooperative. Surprisingly, I don't know a lot of vegans or even vegetarians. I am seeking the community of like minded individuals. I hate dating sites and really all social media, but it does seem to be the only way for me to find other raw foodists. I watch a video of one of the online raw foodists I like on youtube everyday to give myself support. I am into raw foods for every reason: because I love and respect animals, I love and respect our planet, and I want to be vibrantly healthy and happy. I feel very strongly about minimizing the amount of violence in the world. I also feel very strongly about the importance of critical thinking. In a society that ostensibly values individualism so highly, I see a terrifyingly small amount of critical thinking. On a lighter note, I have naturally become more interested in being out in nature as my diet has transformed. Lately I've been seeking out nature walks in the city, close enough to me that I can make time to get to them, as I work so much! I also love to read, and I love audiobooks, too. I can listen to them while I prepare raw food dishes :) I am owned by 2 cats named Arjuna and Vinnie, and they are the lights of my life. That's all... that's a little bit about me.

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