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My journey


I have once again begun the raw food journey. Though I began it a couple of years ago, I lost the plot when faced with detox symptoms and my own food addictions. After much self-work, I'm now returning to this path, which I know in my cells is the RIGHT one for me!

To help with detox symptoms this time, I chose to precede my switch to raw food with an 8 day colon cleanse and fast. Though my diet has never been horrible, or even really SAD (har, har!)I still felt the need to clear and commit through a fast.

Two days before the end of my fast, I began soaking, sprouting and shopping for my raw food pantry. It has been so much easier this time around! Handling the seeds and nuts for a couple of days before eating them really put me in touch with gratitude for my food-- something which, I'm suprised to realize, was not the case before. Of course, I had been grateful for having something to eat, but did not feel a connection with the food itself. Now that I have made the switch, I realize a deep connection with my food that I really enjoy!

My re-entry into raw food this time was easier as well because I purchased a few key kitchen items that have really made preparation a snap. Previously, I didn't have a juicer, a proper dehydrator, or even a decent blender. It was a bit of toil to get meals together! Now it is much easier than cooking a "regular" meal.

Though my soul mate is a die-hard meat eater, he has been eating all raw and then adding his bit of meat to the meal. The difference I've seen in myself and in him is amazing.

I want to keep this log of my experience with raw food so that I can look back and remember the transition. I hope that the reminder will help to keep me from reverting if my food addictions begin to get the best of me. Though, honestly, I don't feel much of a craving for anything but raw these days-- though its only been a couple of weeks since renewing this diet. I'm excited!

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