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HI VISITORS I'm new to the raw lifestyle, however I've been a vegetarian for 6 mos. I quickly went to vegan 1 month later or so and I'm now making the jump to raw 100%. I know it's Nature's First Law, which is a very good book by the way. My quest all started with Anthony Robbins suggesting to read John Robbins' Diet for a New America. I did and boom, instant Vegan for the exception of Rice milk. I found out that even that's sort of dairy, so I weened myself from that addictive nipple. I progressed very quickly, no withdrawals to speak of. I tried a 3 day energy/juice fast. I loved it. That was my actual first attempt at detoxing. My body was given a huge break and it thanked me just by ridding itself of such garbage and repressed feelings of anger and what not. It's hard to explain, for those who've done extensive fasting would know. I've barely scratched the surface as to what my body and mind is capable of, and I'm on the journey to wellness and enlightenment taking my little backsteps here and there, but hey don't we all.

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