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Personal HomePage for Lucinda Woods

The Wonder of Wheatgrass!

Hi I'm Bijinder and you've just entered my belly

I just want to share the joy of my nutritional learning curve . My boyfriend Nils, and I popped off to Thailand for two weeks to do a 10 day fast. I gave my body peace and time to heal itself and after the 10 days I felt so light both in my body and in my heart. I have definetly embarked upon a very long trek that will take to places where I want to be. And deserve to be.

Even though I am only a little way down the road I feel like I have entered another world - a more beautiful world. Wheatgrass is by far the greatest gift I have ever received.

I love to dance, Ilove to laugh and I love taking photographs of other people doing these things.

I battled with the idea of technology for many years but now I have chosen to through myself into it. It is my belief that if we keep the body organic, the mind will be better able to deal with the advances of this technological evolution. It's time to get tekki so soon I shall be creating a web-site to act as my public photo album if anybody fancies a browse. Will let you know when it's finished (bear in mind that I haven't actually started yet). Bijinder

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