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Personal HomePage for Yanni

Celebration of the Sacred Goddess!!!!!

I am an African-Caribbean Sister, greetings to all my friends

I have the following desires for mankind

As I emerge spititually, I see more through my third eye, as many of you do I am sure. Any persons interested in supporting the following feel free contact, ONLY positive people please!

1. The eradication of slavery htroughout the planet. Yes, it still exisits (mental, sexual, and mental)

2. Education, observation and elimation of monthly bleeding known as menses. This is NOT a natural event.

3. Couples to elimante atrifial contraception and use the partners biorythm or herbal contraceptives -condoms are fine, actually.

4. For the so-called minorities of this planet to rise and and use our heritage to teach, heal, and create a network of love on this planet

I thank you all for taking time to sharing this conversation with me. Peace.

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