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Personal HomePage for Aaron Yaris

110 Pounds lost so far, It's actually been fun and easy !

Wuddup Folks......

I started this journey as a typical american eater. Steak, potatoes,Rice. I hated most raw vegetables, just didn't have an appetite for anything unless it was addictive. I found myself at 440 pounds as of september 2009. OUCH! I was to be attending a strenuous outdoor music festival in nor-cal just 2 weeks from when I reached the end of my rope. I thought to myself, In just 2 weeks am I really going to make any improvements, or enough to warrant the extreme change in my diet. WOW, words can't express the feeling of the internal awakening that occurs in the body when you switch to living foods. The first 2 weeks were pretty rough, but not because of what most people fear. It sucked because of how toxic I was, and how much shifting was occuring in me. Quitting eating the foods I had been killing myself with was actually quite easy(DUH!). Let's keep in mind how amazing the brain handles addiction. Our own brain can talk us into jumping off buildings and other oxymoronic type of things. Addiction can camoflague itself in need. Before I went Raw, I couldn't imagine how'd I'd survive on just veggies and fruit and of course, leaves. Low and behold, the first 2 weeks went by. I found myself at Earthdance, not feeling like a million bucks yet, but I'll tell ya, I sure felt at least like 100 G's. In 2 weeks I had already lost about 30 pounds !!! I could feel everything inside of me getting better. I was shrinking. It was getting easier to move around. Now, I was pretty mobile for 440 pounds. don't get me wrong. I am 6'5", and I have an immense frame. Which I am learning more the more I shrink. I was fully raw vegan, until the holidays came. Then I ate mostly raw, yet I maintained 100 vegan, no problem. This surprised me because before I was raw vegan I never imagined being happy without meat. So wrong. I was off and on serious low carb sieting for years. In fact I had been leaner than ever in my life back in 2004. This was from doing a strict, regimen of Meat and cooked veggies. some salad. I am lucky to be alive after all that! I had a financial disaster occur back in 2004, and the weight of the depression, in combination with the brokeness, I fell off the wagon, and gained weight steadily until september, 2009.

New years 2010, began my 100% raw again. Even while i was not eating all raw during november and december, I was still nearly 90% raw. I am a firm believer in the power of the Green Smoothie, and wheatgrass. So the vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, etc have been flowing strong in my body even in my slightly cooked vegan phase. I feel so much better being 100% raw. Cooked vegan food just doesn't do it. The b-12 deficiency stuff is based all on the cooked vegan diet. b vitamins are detroyed by HEAT ! ! !

SO far I have lost 110 pounds, and I am more energetic than I was even in high school. Who ever knew that all the sluggishness of even my youth was just the diet !!! Well, at least I know now! I run with my daughter at the park, I ride my bike again. And its easy. My life's work now is to spread the truth about how easy it is to take control of one's own Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health.

I am the RAW LION HEAR ME ROAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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