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Personal HomePage for Oiko

Raw-vegan food community starting in Indonesia

People of this vast world,

We now have a place on Earth to celebrate Mother Nature and regain the pure origin of man. A forgotten Eden, at the end of the world, like the dream of all utopias.

Delicious fragrance of eternity

Conversing with a tribe monkeys...

Like a voice from another age

A crystalline River flowing from a jungle

Drink, and the soulfs thirst is quenched

Impression of eternityc

I thank the one who gives life, who brings us through this quest of primitivism, and who guides our footsteps to one of the last paradises since prehistoric time.

So hear this, all you people of the Earth who long to return to Eden in this second year of the third millennium, I announce the birth of efTERRAMANAff.


Terramana comes from the French words gterre-a-manah (land or earth of Mana). gTerre-ah is understood as a shelter or sanctuary, the womb of life, and the foundation for the flowering of humanity. gManah, an original Melanesian and Polynesian concept, is the principle of energy and power. It comes from elemental forces and is embodied in objects, specific places, and living beings.

Terramana is above all a place dedicated to emotional and spiritual renewal, and to a dynamic manifestation of Goodness, Beauty and Truth.

The land is a cultivated forest of 5 hectares (13 acres) with an equatorial climate. It is set alongside a river and surrounded by a protected virgin jungle.

Terramana offers itself as a garden of evolution, which is open to whoever treads the path towards true liberty. It is a life simplified to the essential. It is the attempt to create a positive solution of a primitive kind, to the problems of civilization that are menacing mankindfs survival.

Come and Be nourished by the wisdom of fruits, leaves and flowers.

Feed yourself directly from Mother Naturefs generosity, in order to transform your relation with our only planet: Earth. It is a gnatural philosophyh with a holistic approach to manfs quiddity. It is a commitment to support energetic, nutritional, physical, emotional and spiritual harmony, which are indispensable to the complete blossom of the whole being.

Terramana is far from a life, which is based upon sophisticated technology, complex social stigmas life and culinary art. It is a life, which fosters the complete merging of one own inner being and earthly body so that each one can re-discover the instinct and intuition of humanityfs beginning.

The ultimate aim is to steer oneself towards the candor of Origin, the source of Mankind, which cultures of the world call the Golden Age or Terrestrial Paradise.

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