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Eat RAW foods...but BUY ORGANIC !!

I am so excited to learn, that so many of you are dedicated to eating raw foods! It's inspiring to also find so much support from others that "stand out" from the rest of society, but stand up for the truth...eating raw is our presciption for perfect health! Not only are raw foods vital to our diet, but just as important, is eating organically grown produce! What a crime is to our body when we feed it so good with raw foods, but then contaminate it with harsh chemicals and pesticides! Yes, our foods are laced with tons of harmful poisins that we often want to forget are there. But a remedy is available, and that is in eating, growing, and supporting organically grown foods. My occupation is an organic produce manager, so if you have any questions feel free to send me an e-mail, and I'd love to help! RAW, but go ORGANIC!!

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