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Wanted: A woman with land who wants to eat RAW ORGANIC soon...

OK, this is more of a classified than a personal, but on the other hand, I'd *love* to find a woman who has land in SoCal & Want to EAT RAW ORGANIC... ;) And I am a perfectly available Caucasian man specialized in Organic and Sustainable Agriculture.

If you have available land, preferably with some usable structures on it (barns, old houses, mobile units, etc), and water, or know of someone who does, you could be eating organic in a few weeks from now, and at absolutely no costs to you, as we are looking for land to grow organic and/or bio-dynamic food on, preferably in Western Los Angeles or Southern Ventura counties, and will compensate you for that land in form of a share of our crops.

Now, you may think, why eat organic? What does “organic agriculture” mean?

General Principles: All life is organic and we are all living organisms. In organic agriculture, we practice farming techniques that respect and encourage life, including the microbes in the soil. We do not use manufactured chemicals for pesticides or herbicides because they will damage the living soil. Only composts and cover cropping are used to enrich soil fertility. Nourish the soil as nature intended, and it will nourish the plant. Ultimately, the plant will nourish you! Our great-grandparents and grandparents expected a tomato to taste like a tomato, and a potato to have a distinct rich flavor that didn't require butter, sour cream or chives. In the past 50 years, conventional agriculture has changed to high chemical use and vegetables have become less nutritious and less flavorful. They are harvested before they are ripe and shipped long distances. They never develop the wonderful flavors nor the high nutritional content that occur naturally in organic, locally-produced fresh vegetables.

Why support organic agriculture?

• For healthy soil: Soil is not just a medium to hold plants upright! Nor is it a random collection of minerals and chemicals. A healthy soil that supports healthy vegetation is actually a complex biological community that interacts with the plants, contributing to growth, preventing disease, and holding moisture. Living soils provide plants with a broad spectrum of micronutrients and trace minerals, and soil and plant together protect against erosion.

• For healthy water: Water quality is degraded by pesticides and herbicides. 38 states in the U.S. have contaminated groundwater due to run-off from conventional agriculture, polluting drinking water for more than half the U.S. population. By farming organically, we not only prevent the dispersal of these dangerous chemicals into groundwater, but we also protect rivers, lakes, and the species that inhabit them.

• For healthy air: Pesticide particles travel on the wind for many miles. Applying pesticides via aerial spraying is injurious to the health of farm workers and those who live near conventional farms. Burning crop residues instead of plowing them under or composting them causes further air pollution. We use only certified organic soap-based pest controls, carefully applied so as not to affect anything else but the crop.

• For healthy food: 60% of all herbicides, 90% of fungicides, and 30% of insecticides are considered carcinogenic by the Environmental Protection Agency of the U.S. government. These are the *official* statistics. Now, just try to ~imagine~ what the true reality of it might be... Probably closer to 99,999%, right? To the contrary, Organic and Sustainable Agriculture produces a wide variety crops without these harmful chemicals, irradiation, or biotechnology (aka GMOs).

• To promote diversity Conventional agriculture is based on the practice of monocropping large tracts of land. Using the same soil to support the same crop year after year removes natural minerals and nutrients. Chemical fertilizers are used in increasing amounts to replace the natural nutrients. In organic agriculture, a wide variety of plants are rotated to prevent disease, nutrient depletion, and pest infestations. Cover crops are planted during fallow times to prevent erosion and increase soil fertility. Many organic farmers propagate heritage and other unusual varieties for even greater diversity.

• To protect family farms The past decade has seen the loss of over 650,000 small farms throughout our nation. Most organic farms, however, are under 100 acres, and operated by a family, or cooperatively by several families. Growing organic produce and herbs is a niche that small family farms can fill successfully, and sustainable organic farms revitalize communities, leaving a legacy of healthy farms for future generations.

• To promote recycling Composting recycles plant and animal wastes back into the soil, converting what would otherwise clog our landfills into natural fertilizer. Cover cropping in the off season recycles nutrients back into productive soil and prevents erosion during the rainy months.

What it means to YOU:

* Perhaps more importantly than anything else, you will want to eat organic to promote your own health and that of your family!

Now, why eat RAW?


Here is what David Wolfe has to say about it:

Every culture seems to have a story about how human life began on Earth. Most describe a story where humans showed up here living in paradise. Everything was perfect for long ages of time, until something happened. Some consider that "something" to be the flood, or to be "the knowledge of good and evil," or a shift in the ages, etc. What was it? Why is it that humans live life on Earth so differently from the other creatures here?

Raw-food eaters such as myself believe (actually know) we have found the answer. The great change came over the life of humans on this planet when we discovered fire and began experimenting with cooking our food. Let's use our best sense: no other creature on the planet cooks or tampers with its food in any way. Here is an experiment: Let's feed a tribe of gorillas coffee and donuts for a few generations and let's see what happens! Because cooked food is part and parcel to civilization we have been trained never to question it.

What constitutes the basis of human nourishment? Is it pills and supplements coming out of the roaring jaws of factories? Is it the flesh of animals being churned out by factory farms? Is it the milk of cows which was intended for baby calves? Is it cooked and processed food?

The basis of human nourishment is obvious: it is RAW PLANT FOOD which is presented to us in abundance in nature. All this talk about this diet or that diet or "natural" this or "natural" that is all nonsensical. There is only one normal diet: a raw-food based diet.

Going raw recreates you in your original form. Eating raw transforms you back into an intuitive natural creature ‹ it returns to you lost animal powers. Eating raw plant food radically naturalizes you and puts one back in touch with the material and spiritual flow of nature. Because of this effect, eating raw grounds you in the natural world and also provides you with more awareness of the spiritual world ‹ which is really also part of the natural world.

You are a work of art in progress. Each meal is a cloud or a tree or a flower ‹ a piece of the painting that you are becoming. Every bite of food you put in your body should be adding to your perfection, to your beauty. You are what you eat is a cosmic law. It is known in every culture and throughout every civilization throughout history. Every person knows that saying. Give your body the highest quality food possible. Eat organic and homegrown food.

I have made my life's work a study on how to help people succeed and prosper with the raw-food lifestlye in spite of the monotonous routine world's peer pressure. The best way to succeed in any area is to educate yourself. I hope you will take a moment to enjoy and absorb the information in my books: The Sunfood Diet Success System and Nature's First Law: The Raw-Food Diet.

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So, if you have land available, you could start eating RAW & ORGANIC soon...

Think of what difference it could make to your health and to your life, and to the health and life of the people you care for!

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