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Juicing is a key to vibrant health!

Raw foods are essential to good health and vitality. I think it is important to get at least 50% raw foods in the diet to maintain good health. One easy way to do this is to buy a juicer and juice fruits and vegetables. This is a great way to benefit from raw foods. Many health experts reccomend eating at least 1 pound a day per 50 pounds of body weight, juicing easily allows us to do this. Most of us have a compromised intestine from years of eating junk food and juicing allows us to absorb the micro nutrients in a much more efficiant way. When you start juicing it is wise to avoid fruit and underground veggies like carrots, potatoes, beets as these are very high in sugar and starches. I do think there are some qualities to carrot&beet juice with the pigments they contain. Many fruits and underground vegetables have a high (GI) glycemic index that will cause strain to the pancreas to produce insulin and that is a known factor in pre-mature aging along with many chrinic conditions.

So a common question is what should I juice? A rule of thumb is the greener the better and variety is the key. Start out with lettuce,celery,cucumbers and work your way to the darker greens like endive,escarole,wheatgrass,etc. Many people have a hard time with these as they are quite bitter. After time they should go down nice with no complaints. Good luck!

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