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Energy Soup: 1/2 a blender of watermelon, peeled and diced, or 1-2 organic apples, or papaya (not from Mexico), peeled, seeded and diced, blended with 2 palmsfull of well rinsed dulse. Blend 1/2 organic cucumber, seeded, skinned and cubed, or de-spined, peeled and cubed atun cactus. Add 2 cups of packed dark green leafy baby greens: (in order of her favorite) dandelion, lambsquarter, purslaine, buckwheat, sunflower, parsley, kale, collard, beet, turnip, arugula, swiss chard, mustard (again, baby GREENS, not the vegetable) or whatever wild in your neck of the woods you know is a mother herb and good for you. Blend. Add 10 raw figs or reconstituted organic figs. Blend and pour into bowl when smooth and creamy. Add 1/4th diced avocado in the am and 1/4th cup of almond cream in the pm (organic almonds soaked 2 days in filtered water and rinsed and blended with fresh filtered water and stored in the refrigerator in a glass jar, uncovered. Rejuvelac and freshly made sauerkraut will be used and one needs to go to Puerto Rico to learn there how to make them properly, or I will e-mail those interested. These are extremely sensitive foods and will spoil if the person making them is not happy and peacefully centered. Worldwide, yogurt and vinegar makers have found the same thing true about their own products! I've been to 39 countries now, watching and learning from others how to make food that sustains and regenerates, and Dr. Wigmore's was the most successful.

She was writing her first spiritual book with me when she transitioned, and I feel the time is right to disclose that even though doctors in every country she spoke analyzed her Energy Soup, she gave all of the credit for her 'discoveries' to God, who spoke to her. Many have suspected this, but she told me that she was a Unity minister even though she didn't want most people to know, because she didn't want her protocol to be 'pushing' any one religion or group. She had a plaque, on the wall of the student level at 196 Commonwealth Avenue, which read, in part, "If, during this program, you have a spiritual enlightenment, don't talk about it or promote it to anyone. If you do, you will lose the power. Everone this happens to will have a desire to go to the group in which they were brought up as the energy rises. But, everyone has a different named path, even though it is all LOVE"

This is a physical science. The only way you can stop what is going to happen, if you wish to, is to eat some cooked food and the energy will be blocked for 3 days or so. As you continue on with the Wigmore protocol, with the enemas before 2 hours of rising, the dry skin brushing and the wet loofa smoothed - both toward the heart, the wheatgrass implants and the prayer/meditation while you are eating, the energy will rush up the body, from the bowels to the head and above. The faster the vibration, from this most precious food, the more spiritual we become. The love from the food literally burns through all of the physical, mental and emotional blockages that have been thrown in our ways since we were born, and for some, that means since we were incarnated and reincarnated. We have worked with so many people from all over the world, and learned from each about how this works with them, that we could only smile and cry with joy with them when it happened. It's worth the effort to finally have the peace of God without dying! While we are still alive! When I spoke for Dr. Wigmore in Santa Fe, New Mexico one year, one woman said she appreciated that I didn't try to separate the spirtual person from the physical. Dr. Wigmore knew that was impossible. When the body is filled with love, there can be no reactions: no ange or fear; nothing but joy and bliss. If you have any questions, I am here for you. Peace and love be with you, Flora

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