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Cell Phones: A Hidden toxin in your life.
by John Kohler

Many people know that cell phones make life easier, and are convenient.  I see many people that lead a health oriented lifestyle, which includes many raw food friends that still use cell phones.  It is my personal belief, and research has concluded that cell phones will probably cause damage to you, your brain and are highly toxic.  Getting rid of your cell phone will probably improve your health.

It is my prediction that within 10  years, each cell phone will come with a warning label, much like each pack of cigarettes today.

Below is my comparison of Smoking and Cell Phones:

  • Smoking is addictive and habit-forming.
    Cell Phones are addictive and habit-forming.
  • Smoking is voluntary
    Cell phone use is voluntary
  • Smoking is big business
    Cell Phone Service is big business
  • Smoking was considered "safe"
    Cell Phones are considered "safe" 
  • Second hand Smoke is toxic
    Any Radiation from cell phones is toxic.
  • Smoking was considered "cool"
    Owing a Cell Phone is considered "cool"
  • Smoking is expensive
    Cell phone use is expensive
  • Smoking is limited to ages 18 and older
    Cell Phone use in Europe is discouraged for children less than 16 yrs old

What makes cell phones so toxic? 
Cell phones work on a "Cell" system. Your cell phone has enough power to transmit a signal to your local cell tower (up to 7 miles away or more).   This is where the problem lies.  It takes alot of power to  transmit the cell phone signal to the cell tower.  This high power, or radiation is what is toxic about cell phones.

What can happen as a result of using a cell phone?
Many cell phone users report headaches, nausea, and ear aches.  Basically Cell Phones put extra stress on the body, and will manifest itself in people in different ways.   Other articles I have read on cell phone dangers talk about tumors, brain damage, weakening of  the immune system  and changes of brain wave patterns.  (see links below at the end of this article)

How can I prevent the negative side effects of cell phone use? 
I have determined, the best way is to get rid of your cell phone.

If I did want to use a cell phone, is there any way to reduce the risk?
There are several ways to reduce the amount of toxic radiation you will absorb from your cell phone.  I have listed them in order from most important to least important.

  1. Purchase an external antenna. The antenna is where the cell phone emits the most radiation.  By moving the antenna away from you, you will reduce the amount of radiation you will absorb.  Some cell phones are able to use an external antenna.   Cost: $20-$50.
  2. Purchase a special RF3 Air Tube Headset.  The air tube headset is a special headset that works much like a old fashioned doctors stethoscope so there is no wire going directly to your ear. Cost $30
  3. Purchase a phone with a low SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) - most phones have a SAR level listed in its instruction manual.  The SAR level is a way of measuring the quantity of radiofrequency (RF) energy that is absorbed by the body.  The lower number the better.
  4. Purchase a Q-link.  The Q-link has been shown to increase your resilience and resistance to the effects of stress, which may also help to reduce the effects of EMF. Cost $120
  5. Minimize use of your cell phone. Keep your calls short.  Just because you pay $50 a month for 500 minutes doesn't mean you need to use them all. I get 300 minutes a month, and most months, im lucky if I use even 5!   The more time you are on the cell phone, the more radiation you will absorb.
  6. Get a one-way pager instead of your cell phone. A one way pager only receives information, and not transmits. It still allows people to easily get ahold of you, while drastically reducing your exposure to radiation.

There are other stick on cell phone "protection devices", Ferrite coils/beads, RF shields as well as others.   I am highly skeptical of these devices.  I would say try one, for fun, but don't rely on it.   The above methods are proven ways to reduce your exposure..  But I still recommend, throwing away your cell phone and ridding yourself of excess toxins.

Do I own a cell phone?
Yes, I do.  I own a cell phone for emergency situations.  Its my belief that a cell phone can be very handy in certain emergency situations.

What about other types of EMF Radiation?
Remember, EMF (Electromagnetic Field Radiation) is not natural.  As little as 150 years ago,human beings and other animals on our planet WERE NOT exposed to any non natural (minimal) EMF Radiation.  I recommend in minimizing the EMF in your life as much as possible. (That's another article)  I have determined the cell phone as the number one way you can significantly reduce the most harmful EMF exposure.

What's your personal experience with cell phones? 
I was one of the first on my block to own a cell phone, and this was when they were the size of a brick.  I love technology and gadgets.    When I use a cell phone, or someone near me uses a cell phone (on an airplane or in a car),  I will get a headache.   I feel this is a warning sign from my body that something bad is going on.  I am one to RARELY get headaches, so when there is a headache, I know there is something wrong.  We need to listen to our intuition, and our body and honor it.

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