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Personal HomePage for Gil Bar-On

The Natural Development Way!

Hello to you all!

I'm Gil Bar-On,

I would like to present you my new site which is HIGHLY developed and important for all! I highly recommend you to give it the FULL attention it REALLY deserves and as fast as possible! Making others aware of this site and the info within it, is HIGHLY important and all should try as much as REALLY possible to publish and make it known to as many as possible, also, as fast as really possible- by each of you! So, Please! publish and make a link to my site in your site, or recommend it to other site owners, share the info that within this site to as many as REALLY possible so many more could and hopefully- would earn and develop from the information that exist in my site and will develop more as much as they REALLY can- closer to their TRUE MAXIMUM- So many more could and would see and develop by following THE NATURAL DEVELOPMENT WAY!

The Natural Development Way is the base of everything that existed, exists, and will ever exist, which within everything and the way which all follows and develops by. The Natural Development Way is the BEST way that there is which naturally supposed to be the ONLY way to follow by. It's basic law is: To Do What's Best In The WHOLE TRUE Picture- To Achieve The Maximum Of Development Which REALLY Is Possible!

The Unnatural Development Way is humanity's WORSE problem that affects all of the currant humans, the entire planet and even beyond. Which means: To develop in whatever Influences us, in what we "think" as best, in what we know more and more familiar with, to do things only because of untrue or unjust reasons- because of NOT looking and choosing REALLY objectively, by NOT looking at the MOST WHOLE and REALLY TRUE picture that we can REALLY see and to develop in what only seems as best- because of other unjust reasons and deteriorating influences and NOT by looking for, seeing and developing at what is the REALLY best thing at the WHOLE TRUE picture! NOT by The Natural Development Way!

In my site I brought much information about The Natural Development Way and about The Unnatural Development Way which I have rediscovered and developed into a very high level by myself and still do so. Also in this site there is some info about other highly developed and important subjects that includes: Vegetarianism, Environmentalism, Veganism, Natural Hygiene, Raw Foodism, Fruitarianism, Breatharianism, Souls, The Universe, Nature, Eco System, Science, UFOs, ETs, Prophecies, The True History, The Unnatural Humans, The Unnatural Humans' Culture, Many Explanations To Currant Major Problems, Ways to Look For, See And Take Care Of Your Problems, How To Be able To Do Your Max And What's Best In The Whole Picture And To Feel Truly Whole, Highly Developed Theories and much MUCH more! Also, many many links to many other sites and pages of various subjects which some of them are VERY beneficial and important as well and REALLY should be noticed, be learned and be taught to us all!

The information in this site is critically valuable and MOST important for all of the currant humans on this planet at this so critical time! The information MUST be shared and be taught to as many people as REALLY possible so we could FINALLY bring an end and stop all of the huge amount of destruction, damage and misery which had and still being caused by us- to ourselves, and to our ENTIRE planet, before it will be too late! We ALL MUST go back and once again do the best we REALLY can, do what's REALLY the BEST in the WHOLE TRUE picture which then means: To Develop By THE NATURAL DEVELOPMENT WAY!

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