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Revitalization Through Raw Living Foods

Have you ever felt fatigued to the point where you had to take at least a 3 hour nap a day? So drained of energy where you could not get through the work day without almost falling asleep? Or how about crashing into the couch or bed after eating a meal? If so, the foods you eat could be the main factor for your drained energy!

All my life I have had to take 3-4 hour naps everyday just to restore my energy level. On top of that, I slept at least 9 hours every night. Back then, I just always thought that it was normal to sleep so much. I felt that I have always been healthy. I became a vegan at the age of 15, exercised at least an hour a day, and kept up on the latest nutritional information. So why couldn't I ever get more energy? I eventualy went to doctors to see if there was anything wrong with me. Nope, they just said that many different things contribute to fatigue and that I needed to take more vitamins and supplements, so along my merry way I went with the "professionals'" advice.

As I got older, my energy level did not improve (despite all the vitamins that I had taken). I got to the point where I could not get through my work day without taking short naps on my desk! I would come home from church, work, etc., and BOOM...there I was, zonked out on the bed! My poor husband rarely got to see me throughout the day because I was always sleeping! All this at the age of 25!

I desperately needed help, and I prayed for a miracle to stop the chronic fatigue that I was experiencing. Finally, the Lord gave me the knowledge and wisdom to start eating live raw foods through fresh organic fruits, vegatables, nuts, and seeds. At first, I thought that this was a crazy idea, since it is so different from mainstream society. But I had to do something. So, I started my research and began my journey into eating 100% raw living foods. Even though I have started this journey only 2 months ago, my energy level has already improved dramatically! I no longer need to take naps. I can get through the work day without falling over. My skin has cleared up, and I lost 7 lbs! I feel REVITALIZED! With so many varieties of raw foods and recipies, along with the great physical benifits, there is no turning back for me. I will continue my journey living on live foods, thanks to my Lord Jesus who guided me to this great way of life! I hope that you too can experience the great benifits of eating live foods!

Good luck on your journey and may God bless you.

Julie Weatherford

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