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Rawk 'n' Rawl

Thanks for checkin me out!

I am a singer/guitarist/songwriter living in Indianapolis, Indiana. I recently was certified as a "Health Minister" by Hallelujah Acres, a vegan, raw-food promoting organization. After going vegan in 2000, my research led me to the Hallelujah Diet in 2001, and have been a raw-food promoter ever since! I can tell you that my energy and stamina are absolutely ridiculous sometimes (100% NATURALLY), amazing many around me... not to mention my clarity of mind and the fact that i just don't get sick like other people do. If I'm on the diet 100% or close to, "getting sick" just ain't in my dictionary, if you get me! I know without a doubt that this is due to my diet and lifestyle. If you'd like to learn about "The Hallelujah Diet" on a more one on one basis, I'd love to hear from you! This diet, among others that have very similar concepts, have been beneficial, if not miraculously healing, for many people from many walks of life with diseases ranging from the common cold to advanced cancers and disabilities. I want to let the world know that we don't have to be sick! (Good to know, huh?)

I also am forming a band and do performing on my own as well (rock and roll mostly, along with anything else that just sounds good!), planning on getting some quality recordings down in the near future! If you'd like me to keep you posted on when my album comes out or when we have gigs, let me know, and I'd looove to...

Us rawkers need to stick together.

Peace! ~Holly

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