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I started my quest by doing research on why my patients were ill. It seemed that doctors were only treating my patient's symptoms of illness instead of the cause of their illness. Afterall, the majority of people are not born with lung disease, heart disease, cancer, arthritis etc.

So I did some research. In my research, I discovered that my patients' problems were stemming from the food they were eating. So, during my visits to them, I asked them the kinds of foods they were eating, they would ask me why they're sick and I would explain to them how their bodies were reacting to their cooked food. Many of my patients changed their diet to include more raw foods which has improved their health a little bit but as they say, old habits die hard, many of them went back to their old way of eating and became more ill and then they would remember the things about raw food that I told them. I learned that people do not know how their body reacts to cooked food and it's our job as raw fooders to spread the word!!

Since my two young children and I have started eating more raw food, I've noticed that the abdominal pain, that doctors didn't know the cause of, has nearly disappeared and when I eat cooked food, it comes back with a vengence. So, no more cooked food for me. The children, being 8 and 9 years old, are a little resistent in eating raw because they are so used to cooked food. My older child has asthma and I've noticed that since I've put him on raw food he doesn't have his 'asthmatic cough' anymore and is able to breathe easier when the weather is humid. Both children's behaviour is much more mellow then before. They don't seem to be as hyper and they seem to be able to concentrate on medial tasks such as their homework with not much fuss. To me.... raw food is the answer to many prayers.

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