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This is a experiment. If all works out, and I can really make this into a page of some interest, Id love to start writing down a lot of my experiances here in Chile these years, life in general, poems, good music, raw food experiances, drug experiances, effects on my body from different foods and chemicals, etc., life philosophy, funny stories, and put up some pictures. It would be great to make some kind of web site about all the things Ive experiances, especially this last year..I could even go into sacred sexuality a bit, my experiances with that, polarity therapy, energy of the body and universe, but all through my eyes, not the theories that everyone else knows from reading and learning through people, but more like my own raw experiances with it all, without anykind of preconcepts of these things.

Maybe I could even go on about some of my family experiances and how thats effected me. Even to go on about relationships with family, couples, and friends. Some of my more stronger experiances with all of that. Well just lots of ideas.

For right now, this is all just an experiment. chao!

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