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Personal HomePage for Sachelle Lenig

a new improved raw me!!!!!

Hi there.....well this is my raw journey...I am only 2 1/2 weeks into this adventure and already i feel wonderful...I decided to become raw because after years and years of struggling with weight issues,endocrine problems,and type 1 diabetes....i decided i had to try the natural healing of my own body by what i ate...I have always considered myself to eaty healthy and i always work out but with all my body issues i could never lose weight no matter the method i tried sometimes even to extremes. So now i have embarked on this wonderful journey to being raw and have had nothing but positive experience so far...i mean there have been some downs to it..such as detox and my old cooked foods i enjoyed....vegan burgers are my absolute weakness...anyways.....i will try to keep this updated on my journey.....Thank you for visiting and for reading!!!

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