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Personal HomePage for Max Pratt

Naturist Holistic Therapy.

Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, UK.

Sunny Sheffield is my home, Im 32, & enjoy being bodyfree whenever I can.

Fresh foods are nature's diet and the key to health and wellbeing. Fruit, salad, green vegetables, nuts, and water. Healthy eating, like naked living, is a bodyfriendly way of life.

I am a qualified holistic therapist practising Swedish massage, Indian head massage, aromatherapy, and reflexology.

Nudity is a natural part of my life, Im naked at home, at naturist clubs, and on holiday.

I enjoy nude swims and love the feeling of bodyfreedom it gives you, its just so much better than soggy swim-shorts!

I am a member of British Naturism and have contributed to articles for their magazine, I am also enjoy going to landed naturist clubs in the summer to sunbathe.

I have done some media publicity for British Naturism and have appeared in various magazines and newspapers in features on naturism - hopefully they helped educate people about the joy of nude living.

I went to the Spencer Tunick photoshoot 'installation' in Gateshead & Newcastle, I was amongst a sea of 1700 naked people who turned up at 5am to strip off and become immortalised in modern art. It was a great morning and the people I met were very friendly and genuine.

The experience proved to me that society could become nude friendly and embrace bodyfreedom, all it needs is a push in the right direction: For nudists to be outspoken about their naturist lifestyle and to demand their right to be naked anytime/anywhere.

Its not an imposible dream and if we stop hiding behind a veil of secrecy then maybe one day it could be achieved.

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British Naturism

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