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My name is Karen Kellock. I live in the Anza-Borrego Desert in Southern California, USA. I write books on psychology, diet and fasting. To most people my life seems monotonous and spartan but in truth it is a phantasmagoria as I'm ever-enthralled either in projects or enjoyment of the seasons of the day.

I find being alone (and staying put) in my desert hide-away exhilarating. I never go anywhere nor do I need transportation--my short list in bulk comes to me via internet or delivery. My home and environment is pure pleasure--a gentle island in a sea of sharks--for outside the "real" world seems treacherous, boring and mundane.

I share the natural environment and cozy cabin with four dogs and a cat next to a 300-acre wilderness reserve. This is all mine to walk upon throughout the day from dawn to dusk--and why is it all mine? Because people would rather play golf, bridge, eat in restaurants or watch TV--so I'm the only one there. I regard this stroke of luck as great good fortune, for human nature makes me crazy but in natural solitude I'm so creatively excited and happy that people-memories become hazy.

I will describe my days of alternating between the sun and cyberspace as I work and walk as with God I talk. I love arising at 2 am to work,cleaning house, taking a long sunrise walk with the dogs, enjoying the sun in the morning, then in for more work. Now we're approaching noon and I start to swoon for now I'm "off" to the right-brain enjoyment of the aft-fast in study, yoga, walk and especially musica, the background of my life: global fusion, downtempo, new age, salsa, reggae, nature, middle eastern, guitar and oud.

I have a computer in each room to be ever-ready for inspiration which I constantly am in this self-made milieu. As a cerebrotonic I am clutter- and chaos-phobic with a love for "lush simplicity". I think it's essential to have an ultra neat, clean and otherworldly environment to trigger creative inspirations.

As night approaches we take our dusk walk--and now God really starts to talk--for sunset is a most mysterious time in the desert. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else--we all do best in a particular natural environment, and the desert is mine.

During the fall and winter seasons I enjoy a cozy warmth from my wood-burning stove and during the hot summers we enjoy two air conditioned rooms (the walls of which I painted murals on every inch during one hot summer month).

I love the summers the best and often go out for hot walks during the day but especially in the early mornings and evenings. On warm summer nights I sleep out on my picnic tables in a sleeping bag, and the stars are so bright! When I feel that warm gentle breeze I thank God on my knees. With my diet of fruit, fat and daily fasting this life is joy everlasting. This diet and lifestyle theory is described on

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