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My search for a cure for acne

My name is Karen Jessett (Jessie). I came to raw foods after years if searching for a natural treatment for acne. Like many people who seek a healthier diet and lifestyle, I gave up meat, chicken, dairy, fish and bread - in that order. Without really thinking about it, raw food was already prominent in my diet and I noticed huge improvements in my skin condition.

About a year ago, I decided to write a book, The Ultimate Clear Skin Plan, to help others who have acne. I really believe in getting the message out - acne should not be treated with antibiotics. We all have the power to heal ourselves by eating good food, taking exercise, getting fresh air and sunshine and learning to relax. The added bonus of the above is that you're healthy on the inside as well as the outside. My interest in health has now extended beyond overcoming acne.

I love the way I feel on a raw food diet and have been lucky to not receive any negitivity/scorn from friends, family and colleagues. I feel certain this is the way to go!

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