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32, 6ft 4, 165 lbs, Gemini, Brown eyes /short blonde brown hair, WASP , Citizen of: UK, Canadian, American, with Scottish/Irish parents. Living in Toronto since November. Resemble: Actors peter OíToole and Peter Fonda. I am an artist's agent, studied art and business at McGill University, been working in NYC since 98 in the art business. I donít smoke, stable, no drugs, STD free into yoga, raw foods, meditation, etc... Iím active and interested in Environment, Social , Human Rights efforts- You enjoy or possess SOME of these qualities: Financially stable(you can pay your rent) , , UK, , Swiss or Asian (World citizen), Creative, multi-lingual, (I speak French, English, and some German, Mandarin by 2009. You think before you speak, you are considerate, Confident, stylish, physically in shape, outspoken, interested in dancing ie: Ballroom, Latin, (looking for a Tango partner?) , Sophisto yet not delicate, OK with getting dirty, fixing domestic things that break. I am looking for someone who is intelligent, cultured, funny, and understands that sometimes I don't want to deal with being Politically Correct. I want to meet people who can have deep intense conversations and also be silly. . Someone who is passionate and conscious of their surroundings. You have traveled, student of life (you understand that everything you were taught in private school was a lie. You are skeptical of capitalism yet play the game to your advantage while letting the Reptiles think they are in control. You do not judge people based on status, power, wealth yet you realize itís a unfair world we humans inhabit and money=freedom from turmoil. a romantic that isn't afraid. Someone who has a tortured soul sometimes in other words, Creative with a Spiritual consciousness. Someone who can be Alone. A sexy nerd, I want to meet other fellow, artists, thinkers, civil rights pioneers, musicians, writers, filmmakers, chefs, cooks, CIUT/NPR/WNYC radio streaming addicts. I want someone who is cerebral and visceral. I want some unsolicited self-disclosure. ( Reserved and polite are turn-offs) Someone with a vivid imagination... some of the Music I'm into: MGMT, happy Mondays, Mozart, Shostakovich, Satie, Peaceful music yet into all genres and moods of Music, 80-90's Manchester scene, Phil Glass, Laurie Anderson, ,Elliott Smith, Jazz, Reggae, some Opera, Robert Wilson Operas, Henry Percil, Rivel, Scriabinís Black Mass, Rachel Loshak, Quarterflash, Slick Rick , Heaven 17, Ö Tango and Ballroom dancing. Artists I like: Eric Fischl, Alexis Rockman, Ilya Kabakov, Cindy Sherman, George Nakashima, George Nelson, Painters who have personal yet global visions, travel to most freq to Montreal, Toronto, Boston, Miami, Palm Beach, London, Scotland, Turkey, Switzerland twice a year and soon to travel to Beijing, Peru, for business.

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