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Personal HomePage for Fraisthorpe United Naturists (FUN!)

Fraisthorpe Sands, near Bridlington, Yorkshire, England, UK.

Naturist families have used the beach south of Fraisthorpe car park for over fifty years for wholesome naturist family fun. We look forward to the continued use of Fraisthorpe nudist beach for the next fifty years!

In April 1980 Fraisthorpe beach near Bridlington is officially designated a naturist beach. This official status was revoked in September 1994.

Note: On the same day in 1980 a beach on Brighton front opened for naturist use without ceremony, having been approved by Brighton Council the year before. This nude beach is still official!

Naturist families require an area sign-posted for naturist use nearer the Fraisthorpe beach car park. This would make access easier for disabled and elderly naturists and those naturist families who have small children. Currently these naturist groups struggle to make the long trek down the beach to where many naturists currently congregate.

The nude pound brings a great economic benefit to the Bridlington area and the encouragement of family naturism at Fraisthorpe nudist beach would help local businesses prosper.

Fraisthorpe United Naturists (FUN!) has a Yahoo! Group called: Fraisthorpe_Naturists. It is FREE to join, all you have to do is register your profile on our Fraisthorpe_Naturists Yahoo! Group. If we can build a registered community of naturists who use Fraisthorpe beach then the more organised we will be to communicate with each other, network together, and lobby the authorities successfully.

Please click on the link below and read our website. Max Pratt.

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