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once upon a time...

... there lived a young, feline-enhanced feminist who felt old, tired, used up and chubby

she felt as if she would never find the happiness that always seemed to elude her.

then, one day, her progressive, feminist, fairy goddess-motherless (by choice) appeared...

why are you crying my dear?

i am not crying, i am sweating! this oven is so hot and yet, here i stand, day after day. (insert dramatic brow wipe here)

at this the progressive, feminist fairy goddess-motherless (by choice) smiled knowingly and whipped out her solar powered pumpkin laptop, "my dear, your days of slaving over a hot stove are gone forever with this website i just discovered!"


"well, at least until the ozone layer holds out..."

and this is how the young, feline-enhanced feminist discovered the joys of raw non-cooking.

the end

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