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Destino on the path

Thanks for sharing in this most magical experience! This wonderful and most interesting experiment called the divine comedy.The greates spirit has most definatly been a part of this the whole way and sometimes is the only one in the audience of this great play and laughs so tremendously at this divine comedy.I have been raw for 3 and a half years and have had quite the diverse experience along the way. along with being raw my focus has always remained close to the path of yoga and ancient teachings that lay therein. And sometimes living close to this lifestyle can be very isolating in a society that is so full of dis-ease. residing in canada and Costa Rica , two places being somewhat isolated themselves also contributes to that .But as well ther is this amazing sense of empowerment when i see little doorways opened here and there that realy bring alot of light to these places. my brother and I , along with a few other people formed The art of Union Manifesto (A.U.M.) and have dedicated ourselves to the education and awarness raising of all people, thru re-education, re-evolution and ancient rememberance of our higher purpose. Warriors of light unite!

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