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decrease insulin, improve energy

Hello! Thanks for coming to my sight! I am a 28 year young, female, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 15 years ago. I take insulin now,although it's about 3/4 less than what I used to take when I ate cooked foods! Its been 3 years now since I first picked up "Natures First Law's" 1st book, which got me started on this raw path. I had gone on and off the lifestyle, but noticing that when I was on it I felt much more alive and energetic! I didn't feel weighed down either. I also noticed a huge drop in my blood sugars, which usually ran in the 3-400s!! Yikes!! I was in and out of hospitals since being diagnosed for ketoacidosis (high blood sugars), hypoglycemia (extreme low blood sugars),infections, lung surgery, cataract surgery,neuropathy....I was basically all over the place with my health (or lack of it)!I also was bulimic for about 6 years, which didn't help any. I was depressed,tired,living a very dull, sad life. When I started on the raw foods, I noticed almost immediate results, if not physically, definatly mentally and spiritually. It seemed to spark an ALIVENESS! However, I would get cooked food cravings, and then go back to eating the S.A.D. (standard american diet),but always had it in the back of my head what I needed to do. At first I ate a lot of nuts, salads with olive oil, and tahini. All very satisfying foods...nurturing foods, that resembled the comforting carbs that I craved. Those carbs always sent a trigger off in my brain saying these foods are not "good",and I would either feel terribly guilty and get depressed or I'd vomit it up. Nice way to live,huh. I decided that if my body was craving to eat the nuts and stuff, I would let it and trust that "nature knows." Little by little, I grew into a more refined diet and cut out the oils and tahini, and started eating soaked and sprouted nuts(if you want to learn how to sprout, email me!)which are easier to digest. I went through a long period not to long ago, when I didn't feel well, and was going to doctors,who (and I'm not surprised) had NO idea what was wrong. They put me on antibiotics (which made me VERY nauseated),high blood pressure meds,steroids to snort up my nose,kidney meds, pain meds....I tell you, I was so ill from all that!They were making me worse!!! Then a good friend,Pat, came over to visit one day, and I was reminded of the raw foods lifestyle (she's a raw-foodist!), and right then and there I decided to go back to it. I threw out all the meds and within 2 days was totally turned around...I felt great!!My blood sugars came down and I drastically cut back on insulin. I started getting low blood sugar reactions, and for that I ate organic bananas dipped in raw honey. YUMMY!!It does the job!I got energy back and my spirit. I feel much closer to nature as well.My body doesn't crave cooked food at all, in fact I can't even imagine wanting to go back to it! It wants mostly fruit now, and I also eat sea veggies and the soaked nuts and seeds.I've never felt better!I eat little meals throughout the day, usually of one type of fruit.Since I have no more cravings, there is no eating disorder.It's horrible to be a slave to that, and if anyone wants some guidance or support with an eating disorder, I'm an open ear(or eye, in this case on the internet:-))I would also love to hear from any other diabetics or anyone else!!My goal is to one day be free from all dis-ease. We all deserve a healthy, vibrant body and life!! That is my wish for the world!! my email is-

thanks for reading this! Blessings to you all, Aub

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