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Personal HomePage for Raederle Phoenix

From Sick & S.A.D. to Beautifully Healthy, Happy & Raw

I've taken it upon myself to write out, in full detail, the complete story of all of my health disorders and how I've eliminated them. I didn't realize as a child that I had chronic health problems, but as my teen years progressed it became more and more obvious that I didn't have the stamina, the energy, the normal immune-system function, the weight or level of health that was normal for a child/teen to have. Now that I know how extra-ordinary my issues were, and how common similar issues are becoming amongst other children (and adults too of course), I feel it's imperative to share my story and let others know that I've suffered too, and that I don't suffer anymore. The story is here:

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My Story: Recovering From A Lifetime Of Illness

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