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My Journey Part 1

This is my first day of going completely raw. It is June 30, 2003 and I currently weigh somewhere inbetween 280 and 290. I have gained over one hundred pounds in the past 2.5 years. I want to stop!!!!! I need to stop!!!!! I have two boys who need me. I will do this. I will say positive affirmations, take daily walks, and read up on raw foodism until I have a handle on what it is all about. I will keep track of progress on this site for all to see. A real live fatty, going on a raw diet, lets see if I'll be able to do it, safely, and with success.

I really don't think I have any health problems. Maybe my fingers hurt (joints) overweight maybe, but it could be from being a typist and a waitress. It is difficult for me to breath, I get anxiety attacks, I have depression and BipolarII, I am really floppy. Pretty grotesque yes, but I am trying to describe who I am, and what I will become after the transformation. Since I am floppy already, I am probably going to be floppy when I lose weight. I don't exercise. I have a back problem. It hurts even to stand up for long periods of time. (long is 5-10 minutes) I can barely go one block without getting so out of breath I feel like I am going to die. I am killing myself, I need to stop.

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