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Personal HomePage for Sparrow; Licenced, C.M.T., H.H.P.

Find Your way to heavenly Health!

Sparrow, Licenced Therapeutic Massage Practitioner; {RW04141005} and Holistic Health Practitioner: enjoying Life naturally, partnering with my loved ones to living simply; in the sun, dancing, drumming, and making my way in the world creatively helping my brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, ethically and professionally utilizing healing arts that have been giftedly developing since age 7,withdrawing pain from bodies, giving soothing relief to bodys, minds, and souls! Available for consultation, will help you successfully improve your health increasing well being by utilizing intuitive gifts and healing techniques, and fueling your dreams and life with rawfoods!

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The Sacred Circle of Carlos Reynosa, (Tawny and Kilo)

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