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Raw Food is Natural

In the year that I have been eating mostly living foods and working with new ways of utilizing the power of my mind, I have been blessed with extraordinary health and joy in my life. As I got healthier, so did the world around me. As I created success, the world around me became more abundant. Every day is a dream come true. I’ve come a long way to get here… By the time I was 29, I suffered from various ailments including: migraine headaches, severe neck and back pain, chronic intermittent diarrhea, debilitating menstrual cramps, vestibulitis, hyper-sensitive patches of skin, depression, and chronic fatigue. I had been to alternative doctors as well as MD’s and specialists for all of these conditions, with no benefit. I had tried blue-green algae, candida programs, macrobiotics, and herbs. Everything I had researched about vestibulitis suggested that it was close to incurable – in the 200+ stories and studies I read, I only found 2 people who had recovered. And the specialist I had gone to said he had almost no success treating it if it went longer than a year; I had it 4 years. I was sleeping 10-13 hours a night and had very little energy during the day. I was only working 20-30 hours a week because that was all I could handle. It was a 12 year journey through dis-ease that brought me face to face with the simple idea of eating raw fruits and vegetables in January of 1999. I will be forever grateful to my good friend, Allison, for giving me Jon Cotton’s number. And to Jon for having the insight to suggest (firmly) that I needed to come to his seminar ("Unlimited Vitality"). After that seminar, things blossomed. I changed the way I combined my foods (what I ate together). I started exercising (walking 8 minutes a day was all I could handle). I did the Arise & Shine cleanse program for 5 weeks. I read Cleanse & Purify Thyself, Fit For Life, Diet For a New America, and Raw Power. By April my walking was up to 20-30 minutes a day. Then I got a copy of The Sunfood Diet Success System hot off the press on April 16 and started on an 80% raw food diet that weekend. Despite the numerous warnings against transitioning to an all raw diet too fast, my body longed for it and I didn’t hold back. By May 2 I was on 100% raw foods. Everyone asks me what my diet and exercise were like before. I hadn’t been able to exercise in about 7 years due to such physical fatigue – when I did attempt to exercise (or even stretch), I would get very ill. And my diet was only a little bit better than the Standard American Diet. I call it the Standard Californian Diet: fish, chicken, steamed vegis, salad, rice, turkey sandwiches with avocado, curries & stir fries, lots of bread, and lots of cheese. The increased energy and stamina, decreased sleep, and disappearance of my various dis-eases after changing my diet were a definite delight, though not too surprising. The emotional shifts, on the other hand, were totally unexpected. The whole month of May, I experienced a level of Joy I’ve never known before – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week I was elated. A calm Joy (not manic). Joy transitioned into a deep feeling of Gratitude that moved me to my knees. Next came Love: I Loved my family; I Loved my friends; I Loved the checker at the grocery store; I Loved the bus driver and the person sitting next to me on the plane. Then Excitement took over. I was excited about life; about my life – as it was at the time as well as wherever it may be headed. This is no exaggeration. These feelings were almost overwhelming in their magnitude and flowed out of me applying themselves to all aspects of my life and anyone I came in contact with. It was truly an exhilarating and exciting time. Each of these intense emotional passages lasted about one month. And, underlying all of these emotions, I was beginning to feel an inner sense of self-esteem and safety in the world that I had not felt before. Things went smoothly for about the first 6 months – no overwhelming cravings, no uncomfortable detoxification. It wasn’t until I started experimenting with fasting that I began to experience any discomfort; not during, but after. I think fasting helped to dislodge some of the deeply stored "sludge" and speed up my own healing. By the time I got the intense cravings everyone talks about, living foods had become a habit. So the cravings were annoying and emotionally painful, but not overpowering. I’d had a glimpse of what was possible and I wanted more. I wasn’t about to let a craving get in my way. And after a few weeks, they too passed. In addition to extraordinary physical & emotional health, I also experienced improved mental function. My memory improved. I was able to learn a musical instrument very quickly even though I’ve never played any instrument in my life. My ability to visualize, organize, and find creative solutions improved dramatically. I was reading Unlimited Power and other books on NLP; learning (or re-learning) incredible ways of creating the life I envisioned. I was becoming the person I truly wanted to be, and it was exhilarating. What I wanted to dedicate my life to became clear and a pull so strong I could not ignore it. A quote I saw once read: "The world has a habit of making way for people who know where they are going." I believe this is true. Once my vision was clear, my desire strong, and my self-esteem telling me I could do it, then all that was required was taking action. The first action necessary (leaving my family’s business) was harder than you might think. I love my family, I loved working with them, it is the best company I have ever worked for, they have incredible employee loyalty, it meant financial security, and… my uncles & father didn’t want me to go. It was the hardest challenge to my faith that I have yet experienced. When I decided to take that first step and pursue health and success coaching/education, doors began to open in a mysteriously timely fashion. Opportunities and people appeared in my life at just the right times. I no longer believe in accidents or coincidences. So what is the purpose of such incredible health?! Well, what would be possible for you if you had the stamina of an 18 year old and the mind of experience? It has given me the time, self-esteem, mental capacity, and energy to: -Help kids learn how to learn -Start the Sacramento Living Food Community -Create a strong, energetic body -Teach classes and lecture -Start writing books I’ve been wanting to write -Inspire others to reach for improved health -Help people to make long wanted changes in their lives… quickly -Study NLP to learn incredible techniques for creating my dreams even faster and helping others to do the same. At the foundation of my beliefs are: "Everything is relative" & "Health and abundance are innate". No matter where a person is in their level of health or success, there is always a small step they could take to improve the quality of their life and allow a dream to be realized. Success is all about choice… and small steps, in the right direction. Know where you want to go, and you’re half way there. Ruby-Marie Palmer, a.k.a. "Coconut Lady" If you can see it, you can be it. If you desire it, you can acquire it. If you believe it, you will achieve it.

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