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HIgh vibrational living Raw Food Chef - Fateh

Fateh Kaur Bolivar was born in Southern California, and moved to Hawaii at 16 to pursue a study in Computer Science from which she had a international career as an executive and CEO. After an epiphany she had decided to change her life style to eating more raw and starting a series of private raw food classes with Eric Rivkin (Raw Food Chef), and having sold everything came to Costa Rica to save a piece of the rain forest and develop and share the Waterfall Villas – a Wellness Retreat and Spa to promote a vegan and raw lifestyle. She has studied and practiced various forms of Yoga for over 20 years, and is a certified KYI Kundalini Yoga Teacher who studied Master's Touch under Yogi Bahjan, the Majan Tantric, while he was still in his earth form, in Española, New Mexico at his ashram. Fateh has been traveling and making a sacred pilgrimage to Bali, Indonesia for over 25 years. Shehas studied with a Balinese healer for over 10 years. During the visits to Bali they perform sacred blessing, and energy healing, and visit sacred sites for the group. Fateh has many visions about her past lives, and one that has influenced her the most in this lifetime is where she was a member of those Hindus who had first visited the island of Bali over 600 years ago with the entourage of King Akbar. Akbar had created the first non-denominational religion in India of which she was a part of. Bali now enjoys a special combination of beliefs called Bali Dharma: Hindu, Buddhist, and animism (the belief that all forms whether animate and inanimate contain energy - a spirit). Fateh is connected with the Center for Awareness in Bali, where the lineage of the first Buddhist pilgrimage was centered also around 1,000 years ago by the Nirarta. Now the center is owned by a person in the lineage of the Nirarta. Part of the retreats to Bali include a visit to the Center in Sideman. Fateh is a mystic with background in Bali Dharma, Sufisim, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Shamanic studies. Fateh has received transmissions from the 3 persons on earth who have been able to tell of their next incarnation before they leave the earth plane. 1. Tai Situpa Rinpoche at Sharbling Monestary, 2. She has gone through an initiation process with the Dali Lama, 3. Fateh has been blessed by the real Karmapa (Sikim leader in exile). Fateh has visited most sacred sites of the Earth. Fateh has climbed inside the great pyramid tomb at Giza, received a vision at the Isis temple in Aswan, and visited Abu Simbel for the festival of Ramses II at the first light of dawn to see the illumination, touched by the goddess at Dendra, Borabudur, Machu Pichu, Chichanitza, and Konya, Turkey where she also studied Sufism, meditated at the vortexes in Sedona, various temples of India - Fateh pur Sikri in India, and Bali's most sacred sanctums.

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