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Personal HomePage for Stephanie May

Raw Vegan Healing

My Journey to Raw Veganism began in 3 stages.

First like most, I decided to become Vegetarian. It all began when I started learning about spirituality with first book, "Linda Goodman's Star Signs".

When I got to the chapter about Vegetarianism I suddenly felt new light enter the darker corners of my mind, the windows of my mind were opened as fresh air and sunshine blew in. The concept of vegetarianism never occured to me, and because all my life I've been naturally empathetic and sensitive to other all living beings I knew this was my next step. There was no way in my mind that once enlightened to the truth of Vegetarinism that I would ignore it purely because I was still conditioned to like flesh.

The first step I took was research on the internet, I needed facts and more facts. I learned many things in a week, including, the biology of Meat eaters vs. Plant eaters, the scientific proven effects of meat and dairy, the risks of such a high protein diet, the myths about iron, protein and calcium, the medical theocracy, the dairy industry, the disease business, and of course, the spiritual advantages.

Once I gathered as much information I could to discern for myself, I then decided to test Vegetarianism out for 1 week. I removed ALL flesh from my diet, but still ate dairy. To be honest, it wasn't difficult, I enjoyed my vegetable dishes and I didn't think about meat much. By the end of the first trial I decided to continue with Vegetarianism, the thought of eating meat again was tempting, but my inner core said no. By 14 days without meat, a small miracle manifested. My chronic asthma dissappeard and it seemed like it was never there. My asthma actually was temporarily cured for a few months, but eventually came back, the reason it came back is more psychological I believe, but the fact that there was an absence from it for so long just after giving up flesh felt like a strong sign that I was doing the right thing for my body. Not only that, but my body began to feel lighter, I was happier and less aggressive, my mood swings became more balanced, and I felt a loving spiritual presence inside myself for the first time.

I continued this for a about 18 months, contininuily learning about Nutrition and maintaining health. All this time I never took a supplement, I knew that taking a supplement is not necessary if you eat right and if Vegetarianism is a natural way to eat, then why would you need a supplement? You don't. I seldom got sick, I always had energy, and I never lacked any nutrients. My overall health was perfect.

As my awareness grew in more ways than one, I sought out communities and groups that support the Vegetarian lifestyle until I chanced upon a group that discussed Veganism and Raw foodism. The Raw part really stood out like a neon sign on the page. I thought then my next step will be cutting out any cooked foods. Cooking to me had always seemed unecessary purely because the foods looked much better raw, they look juicier, healthier and beautiful. When they get cooked they become limp, discoloured and drained of nutrients. Who would you eat that? Silly question I guess, but I've always known that cooking is what we are conditioned with and not necessarily the right thing to do. Every facet of my being new that Raw Foodism is Nature's way, my logical, rational mind agreed, so did my emotional body, and spiritual body.

Giving up meat was easy, but cooked food was so deep rooted in the mind as part of living, that I actually found the taste of raw food something to get used to. My body was conditioned to be hungry when it wasn't due to cooked food addiction. I had to learn a new habbit. Eventually raw food was a preference, my tastebudes began to change and the taste grew to be phenomenal. Cooked foods look so boring compared to what you can do with Raw. Raw tastes better in so many ways, your body learnes the right signals, assmilates vitamins better, health is maintained, the spirit is nourished, and life improves! Cooked food teaches your body to live through taste only, and created an addiction to flavor. Cooked food is poison to the body and soul.

As transitioned to Raw I noticed many new fascinating things in my life, my psychic awareness increased tenfold, I started being perceptive to many new things, including synchronicity and other spiritual awakenings. I was high off life almost everyday! During this time I felt the need to smoke diminish. I had been a smoker for 5 years, and I quit within months of going Raw. I haven't looked back. The need to drink alcohol also faded, all vices and drugs were not needed to enjoy life, because my perspective of life changed. Life was wonderous, fun and exciting enough without false enhancements.

After experimenting with Raw, I decided the next step would be to cut out whatever dairy I was still eating. That didn't require much effort, I already was a fan of soy, almond milk, and other things, they taste better anyway. Dairy to me seemed always unnatural, milk from a mother cow is intended to feed her young...that is the role of milk, not for human consumption. It's really a strange concept if you understand why female animals prodoce milk. Would you drink milk from a horse? How about a rat? What about a pig? I wouldn't dare do that! Would you drink another human's milk if she bottled it for you? No, of course you wouldn't, it's not made for you, it's made for young. Milk is a high nutrient formula to nourish and fatten up babies, it's not meant to be a part of our diet. It's so logical and simple. Well, to me anyway.

Since I cut out dairy, cooked foods and meat, I now don't eat chocolate, candy, or any packet foods. No takeaway or any other poisons. Most people think that that is the hardest part, to me this is the most rewarding part. This is the part I have only just entered, you can see my transition and foods on my Raw vegan journal below. This is were I am now, and all I can say is that I never look back.

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