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I have always been on a search for health. I have tried just about everything there is out there. My poor kids....I really have put them through alot. I always include them in my new adventures. One day I decided to cut out all sugars. So I went through the pantry and the refrigerator and threw everything away that had any type of processed sugars in it. They were beside themselves. I then decided to go vegan. My kids looked scared when I announced it. We moved from being vegan to vegetarian. Then we switched to all organic produce and meat. I think I have settled in the right way of life now. I strive to be 100% raw. I sometimes have to give in to cooked food. Like the time when we went camping and the raccoons ate all my produce! Grrrrr. Anyhow, I no longer push it on my kids, but I try to be a good example. And you know what?!! They actually like my un-cooking and they want to eat it as well.

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