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Have you tried "The 7 Days Raw Journey?"

Three weeks ago, I participated in "The 7 Days Raw Journey" hosted by The Garden Diet challenges folks, worldwide, to try a raw diet for 7 days! If you've always wanted to try the raw lifestyle or if you're looking to fine-tune your journey or if you simply want a healthy challenge, this is certainly a fun one to try. Plus, it comes with so much support, including the weekly shopping list and menu. I met so many like-minded friends in the forum that comes with signing up for the challenge. Weeks later, we're still chatting and sharing and supporting each other. It's awesome! The family who came up with this idea is pretty awesome, too. You should see this raw-vegan family on their documentary on DVD called "Breakthrough." ( They are sure to inspire anyone -- no matter where you are on this journey. It's such an educational and entertaining documentary, and goes to show the "power" that lies within the raw lifestyle. Here's to wishing each and everyone a wonderful journey! In the Spirit of Raw, Penny

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