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Currently living with my parents and they arent really supporting of the raw vegan lifestyle. I currently going to college so I can get a job and hopefully live on my own so I can continue to be raw. I'm only 19 and my parents forbid me from living on my own until I am well over 30. My family are sick and only I who have the knowledge was able to not be as sick as them. My dad is also currently sick with kidney problems and had to get surgery for new one. They don't believe in natural cures very much and you can find lots of poisonous things there like bleach, ammonia, those huge plastic bottles of laundry detergent (tide, etc) which they place in the house which we have to withstand the fumes of. I realized this and had to do something about it. Since they weren't going to stop (I've told them a gazillion times) i made a compromise with my sister to put the "xtra" back in the garage everytime she uses it. I won't allow any toxic substances to be in the house any longer. In my free time I like to research about things that are toxic. I'll google anything and put toxic next to it. Usually, they are right.

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