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Paradise Gardens- Fruitarian Rainforest Paradise??

Fruitarian diets naturally lead to the Paradisian way of life... living in Paradise, meaning living in a tropical Garden Sanctuary. There's hundreds of known and catalogued species of plant and tree bearing excellent edible fruit... why just eat a few? What's available in your stores and even in Farmers' Markets or processed into pills and powders and sold by opportunists are unnatural and debilitation.. not to mention costly. If you want true health and happiness, help to create and maintain an Edenic paradisial garden of fruits, flowers, useful plants, fresh water, and all the life that Nature intended for Us to have. The mission of the Paradise Restoration Project is to create and maintain the very first HUMAN NATURE SANCTUARY....... the first nature sanctuary for PEOPLE to live in our own native habitat.... A re-creation of the Garden of Eden, with hundreds of species of fruit trees, fragrant flowers, other useful fruits, tame animals like birds and butterflies, saving rare exotic endangered and threatened species from extinction, preserving rainforest lands and the native environment, and making it possible to live on karma-free true fruitarian diet.... Part live-in botanical gardens, part rainforest and wildlife preserve, part organic gardens, part health retreat, part ecovillage and intentional community, part spiritual Sanctuary, and the only true alternative to the limitations of economy and the "power structure".... NO MONEY will be required to live in the Gardens and participate in the Project, and all Gardens Caretakers will co-"own" the Gardens!! The plan is to fund the Project by creating and having the FREE FESTIVAL... a TWO WEEK Music, Art and Nature Festival, similar to what Woodstock could have been.... a regathering of the tribes, name acts calling out for a change towards a sustainable way of life, accepting our rightful inheritance in the greatness of the Earth. Free tickets to the Festival would be available to those showing proof of low income. The first week would be held in a prime outdoor location like Yasgur's Farm with improvements learned from past experiences, the second week would be held on private land, and be a celebration and seed camp, gathering the people and resources together in preparation of the lands for the first Paradise Gardens Sanctuary. Right now the search is on for lands for the Gardens and locations for the Festival, drivers for the Gardenmobile, members of a core group who would be an integral part of a unanimous consensus council, performers for the Festival, and other resources for the Project. The website has been greatly improved and expanded, and contains links to every resource and foundation needed to make this vivid dream a reality... Please visit the website and read on!

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