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Thanks for Visiting Nutrition1st “FEEL HOW WELL ,WELL COULD FEEL” The Mission of The Nutrition 1st is to increase the quality of life to all. The Nutrition 1st is your source of information about the unique liquid all natural products manufactured by Life Force International. These products are doctor developed, time tested, and recommended by thousands of doctors. Each product comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Now you can eliminate that handful of pills (which may be only 10-20% absorbed according to the PDR) and replace them with pleasant tasting liquids, which are almost immediately absorbed up to 98%. Consider feeding your body the nutrition it needs in the form of liquid supplements. After one month, we're certain you'll feel the liquid difference! Most people feel the need to share their personal experience with the superb liquid nutritional products we promote. Starting with Life Force International nutritional supplements is a logical step and perhaps the most simple, all natural, and least expensive enhancement to one's personal diet. The nutrition offered by Life Force International’s products offer an extremely simple, comprehensive, and effective method to feed us towards wellness. Who is Cheryl Jordan? Cheryl Jordan is an ordinary woman with extraordinary vision to share Health and Wealth to all. I am a wife and mother who found the Life Force products in the summer of 1999. My personal vision and one of my goals is to earn enough residual income with my Life Force business. This would provide my husband the opportunity to adjust his career lifestyle so he can be home more with his family and, enjoy a quality of life that is lacking due to the demands of his current career. I decided to use my love of people and the benefits of my own healthy lifestyle experience to develop a business focused solely on sharing Life Force products with others, and helping others to do the same. This successful business is operated around my family's schedule and conveniently from an office in my home in Effort, PA. Respecting that we are each a part of a much bigger whole, we believe that through optimal health and wellness in our physical, spiritual, mental and financial lives, we can best fulfill our life responsibilities. Free Body Balance with Telephone Orders Only Starting April 1 2004!! Call 570-688-9558 For more Business Opportunity information, go to: Here are another site that share my product line and great testimonies. These products offer an extremely simple, comprehensive, and effective method to feed us towards wellness! Cheryl Jordan 1515 Winter Court Effort PA 18330 570-688-9558

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